My Elder Sister Visited, Then My Husband Did This Shameful Thing With Her

My Elder Sister Visited, Then My Husband Did This Shameful Thing With Her

My Elder Sister Visited My House, Then My Husband Did This Shameful Thing With Her.



In an anonymous post on Twitter, a lady has narrated what happened between her husband and her elder sister at her matrimonial home.

The lady who pleaded for anonymity explains that her elder sister came to take care of her newborn baby because her mother who was in a position to come is late.

Days after the sister arrived, the husband started sleeping with her until she got pregnant. She pleaded with her sister to abort the pregnancy and not marry her husband but the sister turned deaf ears.

The husband and elder sister are currently married with four children while the lady also has three children for the same man.

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Nigerians have reacted differently to the lady’s story, see some of their reactions below.

“How can your husband impregnate your sister when you were nursing your 2nd born, he married her and now you have 4 children with the same man… what made you have 2 others when he already married your sister now you are encouraging someone else to stay and fight for her marriage”

“These women come from a very poor family background with zero morals if not, why is it normal for a sister to get pregnant for her brother-in-law. Must be ment😔”

“Strong? Yes. Fight for marriage? How???. Your irresponsible husband has put your sister in a family way so you both should be sharing him like that OR if u cannot cope, divorce and focus on your children.”







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