My Success Story As A Civil Engineer Earning 7 Figures

My Success Story As A Civil Engineer Earning 7 Figures

Civil Engineering is an occupation for intelligent, social, smart and hard-working people with great sense of humour. As a civil engineering graduate or undergraduate, you’re expected to be civil and think ahead by relating with people of all walks of life. Also, you’re expected to be well equipped with the technical know-how to succeed. Civil engineering is not mainly grammatical profession but practically and design skills related in addition to management and negotiation attributes.


I was 14 years old when I was offered admission to study building technology at Delta States Polytechnic, Ozoro. During my 2 years of study, I was able to think ahead, relate with different people and established a good relationship. I met someone who advised me to go for building/civil engineering designs, costing and construction skill during my industrial training. During my 1 year industrial training I didn’t focus on making money but on how to get the technical know-how to succeed in the construction field. I learnt how to design all types of buildings using software such as AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCad etc. I also learnt structural analysis. A year later, I was offered admission to study Civil engineering at Delta States University. While in the University, I always sell myself, designing, analysis and costing skills to others. I also taught a lot of my colleagues and other engineering departmental guys how to design using engineering softwares. In so doing, I became popular among my engineering collagues and others regarding designs, analysis, costing and project execution/supervision. I do get small designs and construction contracts of residential buildings. While in the University I was leaving well and responsible for paying all my tuition fees without bothering my parents. All my family members, friends, church members aand neighbors are aware of my expertise in building/civil designs, analysis, costing, construction and supervision.


On a fateful day after my graduation from the University, I got a call from a strange number. I answered and was told someone gave my phone number regarding execution of a building/civil construction projects. With joy in my heart, I said yes I can handle any kind of building/civil engineering projects. He responded, I will get back to you in two days time.


I was wondering if the person wanted to play or fool me. So, in 2 days time, I got another call from the same person. He said, come to my house and let discuss. When I got to his house, he asked if I can design and handle an estate project ? I boldly said yes with smile. He briefed me on the proposed estate design and how they wanted it. He said go and work on the design without giving me a Kobo. However, I was surprised and curious to know how he got my contact. So, I politely asked him, sir, may I know who recommended me? He said, his son who attended Delta States Polytechnic, Ozoro told him about me. Meanwhile, I couldn’t clearly figure out the name of his son, because the dad didn’t introduce his full self to me. I couldn’t recognized him because he was abroad for many years. He just returned to Nigeria 3 months ago of which I had move out from that location. As I was discussing with the dad, the son showed up smiling at me. So, I suddenly recall how I was a close pal of him back in the Polytechnics days. We do hangout together and discuss the future ahead.


I was really happy because I knew this is an opportunity to sell myself and expertise. I came up with 3 different good design concepts and presented to the man. 2 weeks later, I was invited to explain the 3 design concepts. I did as i was directed. Behold, they were impressed and told me to do the costing. I had to run a thorough costing of the proposed project which was six hundred and seventy five million naira (N675,000,000.00) only.


They all accepted and adopted the costing to be N670,000,000. To my greatest joy, the project was awarded for me to supervised. They brought 4 other site engineers while I was contracted to be the project superviser and Manager.


I was asked to drop my account details of which I did. 3 weeks later, I got an alert of 200,000,000.00 million naira as mobilisation and to get the project started.

When I got to the bank the next day, to my shock, my bank account has been frozen. I had to submit credentials to upgrade my account because I was still using student account. The project was executed and commissioned without any failure. I delivered excellently and the man and his family, friends and workers were impressed.


I made my first good 7 figures from this project and since then till date, the story has been more successful with good earnings of 7 figures through building/civil engineering.


Civil engineering is still one of the best course to study. However, you have to be serious during your years in the Polytechnics or University and during your industrial training. Equip youself and be prepared for any design, analysis, costing and construction opportunities/tasks that may come your way regarding your course of study. Opportunities are always opened for civil engineering graduates and undergraduates but the problem is that most of them lack the technical know-how to deliver excellently and succeed if given a project to handle. The first to fifth/tenth projects you will handle as civil engineering graduate or undergraduate will determine if you will go far in the profession or not based on your performance. These projects will always speak on your behalf and determine if you’re worthy of recommendation. People will start to search for you and hire your services if you’re able to deliver excellently handling contracts and projects.




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