Never Throw Away Used Lipton Tea Bag Again – See 15 Ways They Can Be Useful

Never Throw Away Used Lipton Tea Bag Again – See 15 Ways They Can Be Useful

Are you throwing away your used Lipton bag? used tea bag have terrific/useful benefits that may transform your lifestyles and environment. However, not many recognize the usefulness of the used tea bag.In our mindset to reuse, recycle, and re-imagine.

used tea bag amazing home uses

1: It removes bad odor from foods and keeps insects away

Did you simply chop fresh onions or garlic, or you just finish washing fish? Wash your arms with a used teabag and the scent will disappear! immediately Add a Couple dried used teabags to the lowest of your trashcan (underneath the bag!) to absorb trashy odors and assist neutralize any smells that could generate from the trash can.You can also use them to drive away insect like Cockroach, bedbug etc.. by putting the Lipton bag in the area they are always found like the cupboard.

2: Used tea bags adds shine to your hair

Add Shine to your Hair by means of brew more than one used tea bags and let it cool, use it as a final rinse after washing your hair normally (shampoo & conditioner). This will give your hair a stunning shine !

3: Stops teeth bleeding

Used tea bags are proper for stopping bleeding. If you start bleeding when you pull a tooth, take a teabag, put it in cool water and put it where the enamel (Outer part of the teeth) is for sometimes . It additionally Lessen lost tooth pains. Some experts recommend setting a bloodless, wet tea bag immediately where a child’s teeth has fallen out. It may lessen ache and reduce bleeding because of tannins in the tea that constrict blood vessels.

3: Get rid of the redness on your eyes

Soak two tea bags in cold water for about 2 minutes. Place the teabags on your eyes, and permit them stay for a couple of mins. The tea bags will eliminate the redness around your eyes, in addition to make them look brisker and extra useful It also reduces puffy eyes.

Apply the used, wet (barely cooled!!) teabags underneath your eyes and permit relaxation three minutes to lessen puffy eyes

4: Marinate meat

To prevent meat from getting tough and hard, you may marinate it with used teabags.The tea’s aroma will make the meat’s taste richer, in addition to making it softer.Used tea bags may be soaked once more in liquid to tenderize a tough meat.

5: Used tea bags boost flavor of foods

If you like herbal teas, you could use tea baggage to boost the flavor of food, absolutely drop 1 or 2 within the pot of water at the same time as they’re cooking and you’ll infuse them with Flavor


To Freshen Carpets/Rugs- permit the used teabags to dry completely, then empty the contents of several bag onto the carpet that wishes to be freshened. Let them set overnight and allow air in the morning. This will soak up odors and leave a pleasant clean fragrance behind.

7: To stop rusting of pots and pans

It acts as Rust Proof Cast on Iron Cookware- the tannins in tea can help prevent rust from forming to your solid iron cooking utensils

8: Clean your home

Tea bags can smooth dirty mirrors, floors or even linoleum.

9: freshen your clothes and shoes

Make your clothes scent nicer, by way of storing formerly used and dried tea bags for your closet. You also can placed them on your shoes on the way to cast off the terrible odor.

10: Mitigate pain

Mouth injuries may be handled by way of biting down on a used tea bag.The tea’s compounds will relieve the ache and it will increase the healing manner.

11: Mitigate sunburns and get rid of acne

Sun burns and acne can be treated the use of tea luggage. Place the teabag on the affected vicinity and the tea bag will cool it down. Tea bags will also assist you remove acne everywhere in your body.

12: Eliminates foot odor

Great for athletes and anybody on their feet a lot, soaking your toes for 30 minutes a day in black tea (just save up those used bags) may result in more energizing toes. Believers say it’s the tannins, or tannic acid, that creates a hostile surroundings for bacteria and/or acts as an astringent which contracts tissue, inclusive of sweat glands.Soaking your Feet, Not only will you deodorize your toes, but you may kill fungal infections, soften calluses and it’s nourishing to the pores and skin as nicely.

13: For sparkling toilets

Some human beings attest to using used tea bags as stain doing away with agents.Remove leaves or seed from the used luggage, toss into the toilet and leave it for few hours. Then flush.

14: Deodorize fridge

Apart from baking soda? Used tea bags can work simply as well to absorb odors.Place some used teabags in a dish and location them within the fridge to rapidly absorb odors.

15; It gets rid of bad breath

Get Rid of Bad Breath Quick! you can make your own mouthwash by means of the tea bag (of course you’ll want to use a Mint or lemon tea).


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