Nigeria Girl Means The Opposite When She Say These 11 Things

Nigeria Girl Means The Opposite When She Say These 11 Things



Guys if you understand these 12 ladies signs, you will never lose her.????


Nigeria girls like shakara. They will act like they don’t care but deep inside, they do. If a girl does any of these 12 things, and you understand them just know that you will never lose her, because she just meant the opposite.


1- She starts forming quarrel from any little thing – 90% of Nigerian girls start their love with quarrel ?


2- Nigerian girls use the phrase “You are so annoying” as the best way to express their love. It simply means “You are so sweet”.


3- When you hear a Nigerian girl says “So your girlfriend will now come and break my head abi…”, congrats man. You just got yourself a girl.


4- Any time she calls you “Olodo”, she meant to say “You are too intelligent”.


5- When she calls you “Big head” she’s saying “You are handsome”.


6- When she says “So you cannot even call somebody sef…”, Oga she is tired of missing you,? just form small like u didn’t miss her?



7- When she says “I hate you”, bros the love she have for you is strong.


8- She suddenly starts giving you attitude, My guy don’t panic, she just needs attention. Give her all attention at that time.



9- The moment she says “I don’t want to talk to you”, My brother disturb her life, that’s what she wants.


10- If you hear her say “All those your many many girls”, bros she don notice o. Try to stop sharing her attention with other girls.


11- For every “Go away jor”, don’t dare move away. Hug her, and stay with her for as long as possible.


12- Lastly, let me give you guys a little trick, the day you comment on a girl’s photo, she must go and view your profile and if you are fine and your photos are super dope, bros na jackpot o.


She will not follow you on social media to keep her pride. She will just screenshot your name so she can always go back to check your latest uploads ????


Yes, now you can argue on the comment box with your keyboard.????

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