Nigerians Who Embarked On Long And Dry Fasting, Some Sadly Died [Photos]

Nigerians Who Embarked On Long And Dry Fasting, Some Sadly Died [Photos].



Fasting is good because it is a way of asking God to do something for you, but like they say too much of everything is bad. There are some Nigerians who has fasted for days and weeks, and unfortunately some died.




Evangelist Chidi Eke ( 40 Days)

Evangelist Chidi is one of the people who fasted for a very long time. In the month of November in the year 2019, Evangelist Chidi Eke who is 46 years old, went on a 40 days dry fasting but unfortunately he died in the process.

According to reports, the evangelist relocated to Imo State, after he told people around that God called him and told him to go into the ministry. His body was found by some of his Church members in the bush, he went to complete his 40 days fasting.


Ikechukwu Oke (41 days)



In the year 2019 it was reported that a man from Ebonyi State, collapse in his hostel after fasting for 41 days.



The fasting reduced Ikechukwu and he almost died. He was quickly rushed by his hostel mates to the hospital, and by the grace of God he survived it. Few days after his recovery his mother told Punch Newspaper, that it was poverty that led her son into embarking on tbe fasting.


Mr Kehinde and Mrs Titilayo Omosebi [40 days]



In the year 2018 a family in Wisconsin in the United States, embarked on a 40 days dry fasting, but unfortunately their son died in the process. According to the police, the husband named Mr Kehinde, went to the police to report that his son is dead.



The police followed him home and found out that his wife is very weak, and their 15 year old son named Ayanfe dead. Their 11 years old son was also found at the point of death. The couple was later arrested after they confessed, that the whole family embarked on a dry fasting.



According to reports, the family embarked on fasting to receive blessings.



The parents were taken to Court and later on it was revealed, that the mother was sentenced to three years imprisonment.







As for the father, the Judge found him mentally unfit to stand trial.



Have you embarked on a long dry fasting before, How many days did you embarked on?

Do you think people are going too far in the aspect of Dry fasting?

Please share your thoughts comment section, and feel free to share this article with others. Thank you for reading.

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