No Matter How You Love A Girl, Never Do These 4 Things

No Matter How You Love A Girl, Never Do These 4 Thing

As a matured man, it is highly inappropriate to let infatuation or temporary attraction influence and cloud your decisions, you should be capable of making positive decisions on your own.


Preventing your emotions from getting to you and affecting your decision-making process.

A huge number of men nowadays are so blinded by the concept of getting into a relationship, to the point that they don’t even have time for themselves anymore, as such, they prefer to spend their valuable time looking at the pictures of different girls on Instagram, flirting around and wasting their time.

As a result of this, they are usually unaware of some of the necessary things that they are supposed to do.

In this article, I will be revealing to you four things you should not do to a girl, no matter how much you fancy her.

1. Don’t impregnate her before marriage.

This is the first and foremost thing you must not do to a girl, no matter how much you like her. Girls of this generation are now known to use pregnancy as a trap, they are use it to tie men down, so if you’re not smart enough and you allow yourself to be confused by her beauty, or how caring she appears to be, you’ll just find yourself at the wrong end of the tunnel.

2. Never allow her to sleep over at your house.

This is another thing you should not do for a girl, no matter how much you like her. The street is now deadly, you may know the type of girl she is, you don’t even know her health condition, so if you allow her to sleep overnight in your house, and something happens, you will be held responsible.

3. Do not allow her to relocate into your crib before marriage.

This happens to be the new trend of this generation, men and women are living together when they have not even been joined together by marriage.

You shouldn’t permit this, you will surely lose focus and might not be able to get your life together again. So it’s better to be patient.

4. Do not reveal your ATM pin to her.

This might sound hilarious, but it is absolute fact, Asides the fact that she could be withdrawing your money behind your back, she might be checking your account balance, and would be using that to determine the amount of money she would ask from you.

She won’t even care to know if you have other plans for the money or not. So you are advised to keep your ATM pin to yourself.

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