Once You Clock 40, Start Eating These 8 Food Often To Lower Your Risk Of Heart Attack

Once You Clock 40, Start Eating These 8 Food Often To Lower Your Risk Of Heart Attack.




Heart attack is real and it is actually one of the most dangerous and life threatening disease a person could experience. When a person gets older, life problems get bigger and more depressing to a lot of people around the world. Especially here in Africa where there is a lot of economic struggles and social vices going on. The age of 40 is a huge milestone that every one hopes to achieve someday.






However, being 40 years of age actually comes with a whole lot of health challenges and responsibilities to a person. And the heart is usually the one who suffers the most when a person starts suffering from life problems and depression. Remember the saying that health is wealth so we should always try as much as possible to be careful not to get sick. The heart is one of the most important and delicate organs in the human body and off course, it has lots of functions.




And when a person doesn’t do the right things and eat the right kind of food, that may increase the risk of them getting a heart disease, especially when they cross the age of 40 and above. In this article, I’ll be showing you guys, 8 important foods you should eat very often, once you cross the age of 40, in order not to get heart diseases or heart attack. See them below;


1. Avocado Pear.



Avocado is actually very nice and a great source of healthy nutrients to people over 40. This food products has a lot of health benefits attached to it and it reduce the risk of getting heart diseases.


2. Beans.





Beans is actually one of the most popular foods on the entire planet. Everyone knows that beans are very healthy and extremely good. People over 40 try as much as possible to eat beans 3 times a week to reduce the risk of getting a heart attack.


3. Tomatoes.



Tomatoes is like a fresh fruit that has so many nutritional particles. It can actually be eaten raw or taken as a stew or sauce. People over 40 should try to eat tomatoes often.


4. Fish.





Over the years, food scientists and nutritionists has proven that Fishes such as tuna, sardines, fresh fish etc are very good source of vitamins needed to improve on the heart condition of a person.


5. Vegetables and Fruits.



Every body knows that Vegetables and fruits are very high in vitamins and minerals that are absolutely incredible for people of all ages. But people over 40 needs to eat fruits and vegetables more than ever before because it helps to reduce heart diseases.


6. Plantain.



Plantains are a food product mostly found in Africa and southern Asia. They are extremely nutritious to the body and those above 40 should always try to put plantain in the diet.


7. VitaMilk or Soyamilk.



This particular drink is very much needed for the proper functioning of the body. Especially if a person has crossed the age of 40.


8. Eggs.



Eggs are great for all ages and one if the most healthy food products ever. Those above 40 should try as much as possible to eat eggs, either fried or cooked as much as possible to reduce the risk of heart diseases and other ailments.


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