Opinion: 4 Reasons Why Married Men Keep Girlfriends

Opinion: 4 Reasons Why Married Men Keep Girlfriends


Have you ever wondered why most married men don’t get satisfied until after they’ve gotten a girlfriend for themselves outside their marriage? Some people have even asked why men are not always satisfied with their marriage, why they are always looking for another girl that they would use as supplement for their marriage? We can go on and on, concerning the many questions that we have about infidelity, and why men indulge in it, but we won’t be able to answer those questions if we don’t look at the situation from the point of view of these men that indulge in infidelity, that is married men that still keep girlfriends. 

In this article, I will be showing you four reasons why married men keep girlfriends.

1.      Peer pressure

This is the first reason why married men keep friends, the desire to feel among usually push them to find girlfriends outside their marriage, just like their other friends. We all know that men like to talk whenever they are in the midst of their friends, probably at a club or bar in the evening, to relax from the stress of the day. During this relaxation period, what they usually talk about is mostly about girls, the escapades that they’ve had, the different kinds of girls that they’ve gone down with etc. when men start this kind of discussion, those ones among them that don’t yet have girlfriends will start feeling lonely, they would start feeling like they are missing out on something interesting, and that would ignite in them the desire to also find girlfriends that they can be with.

2.      Beauty and youthfulness

This is another reason why married man keep girlfriends, in their thirst to feel younger again, to join the different trends going on in the world of youths, married men like to go out and find girlfriends that are beautiful and young, girls that would make them feel younger again, girls that would give them the kinds of pleasure that their wives can’t give them.

3.      Peace of Mind

Married men usually complain of their wives giving them problem at home, disturbing their peace, nagging them over every little thing etc. this explains the reason why they keep girlfriends, to find the peace of mind that they can’t get at home. Married men that keep girlfriends believe that girlfriends won’t give them problem, that they only want to be taken care of, and nothing more, no time to nag or anything, and that explains why they go out to find these girlfriends.

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