Opinion: 5 States In Nigeria Where There Are Surplus Of Beautiful Girls

Opinion: 5 States In Nigeria Where There Are Surplus Of Beautiful Girls

Opinion: 5 States In Nigeria Where There Are Surplus Of Beautiful Girls.

In as much as Beauty is not the key determinant of good wife, it plays little role in selecting a wife. There are some set of people who believe strongly that  Marriage is all about beauty so when looking for their spouse, they prefer to go for beautiful ladies. My dear if you are in that category, I want you to know that if you focus on beauty,  you might end up marrying a beast. Beauty and Character makes up a good wife. Beauty without Character is the worst while Character without beauty is super good to go with if you can’t get both beauty and Character.

In Nigeria, there are States where Beautiful ladies are surplus. All the States in Nigeria have Beautiful ladies but out of all of them, I am going to highlight 5 of them that I felt have surplus Beautiful girls.

1. Cross River State


Cross River is a state blessed with Beautiful women both home and abroad. If you come to Cross River State, you will realize that the State is not only Beautiful by sight but by women as well. They have Beautiful women from non Celebrities to celebrities.

For instance, if you look into the Celebrity zone you will have many of them among who are;

Queeneth Agbor

Kate Henshaw.

Ebbe Bassey.

Cecilia Bissong.

Keira Hewatch.

Isabella Agbor Ayuk

Shan George.

Belinda Effeh

And many others.

2. Kogi State


Kogi State is undoubtedly blessed with Beautiful ladies especially the Ebira Speaking axis. In as much as Igala women are beautiful, Ebira women are something else in terms of beauty. Visiting Okene Local Government will put you in a state of dilemma because you won’t be able to know who is more beautiful Among their women. Kogi State is indeed blessed with Beautiful women.

3. Imo State


Imo State is one of the States in Nigeria that is blessed with so many beautiful women. Their women are so gorgeous that you will end up asking how many hours God spent in creating them.

If we are to mention their Celebrity list, the list is endless but for the benefit of this Article, I am going to point out some of them so that you can see how beautiful Imo women are;

Sandra Achums

Eucharia Anunobi

Rita Dominic

Adesua Etomi Willington

Oby Kechere

Genevieve Nnaji

Daniella Okeke

Stephanie Okereke Linus

Onyeka Onwenu

Lauritta Onye.

You know all of these Celebrities. If we are to mention the most beautiful Actresses in Nigeria, they are likely to make the list especially Genevieve Nnaji and Adesua Etomi Willington.

4. Kano State


If you go to the North, you will realize that there are many Beautifully Made women in the State. Hausa Ladies generally are beautiful people. The Fulani Speakers are also Beautiful people as they mostly look like westerners. If you are to mention tribes with Beautiful women in Nigeria, they are definitely one them.

5. Akwai Ibom State


Have you been to Akwa Ibom State before? If you have not, you need to visit that State and see things for yourself. Their women are just the definition of beauty. They are so beautiful to the point that their beauty is not just limited to physical beauty but goes beyond that.

In the Celebrity world, we have their female Celebrities we can mark as epitome of beauty. For instance, we have the likes of;

Caroline Danjuma.

Ini Edo.

Liz Benson.

Regina Askia.

Nse Ikpe-Etim

Eve Esin

Didi Ekanem

Mercy Macjoe

Annie Macaulay Idibia.

If you check this list very well, you will agree with me that Akwa Ibom have surplus of Beautiful women.

These States are indeed blessed with surplus Beautiful women. Is your State among?

Which other State do you think should join the list?

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