Opinion: 9 Foolish Things Nigerian Ladies Do Everyday In The Name Of Love

Opinion: 9 Foolish Things Nigerian Ladies Do Everyday In The Name Of Love

Love can make someone sometimes mad; believe me, I was a victim, the person in love can do whatever it takes to please the person that he is in love with, no matter how much it takes.


Today, we will be discussing 9 foolish things Nigerian ladies do everyday in the name of love.


1. Marrying an older man:

I don’t think i will marry someone that is old enough to be her father, if not for love. Will you?


2. Pleading, begging and crying for men to marry them; Dear sister, you don’t have to do all that to make him marry you, if he is interested he will ask you himself, you don’t have to beg or plead; By doing so, you will tarnish your image in his eyes.


3. Cooking for the guy you are not married to Just to cook for him once is not the problem, but if that became a regular thing that is foolishness.


4. Not quitting an abusive relationship:

My sister, the guy that is interested in you will never abuse you in any way because he loves, and he is willing to spend the rest of his life with you.


5. Moving in with a guy that you are not married to, thinking that moving in with him will make him love you. My sister, you are mistaken that will never happen. Sometimes, some even take-in for the man.


6. Dating a man for a long time without talking about your future together, or where your relationship stands.


7. Living in a man resident, that you are not married to:

This is common in our higher institutions today, even outside our unis, and poly, you find this life style too.


8. Sharing secrets:

Girls are always victims of this, they always like to share their past stories with the men they barely know.


9. Unfriending your friends because of a man you are in love with:

Believe my sister, if you are doing so believe me you are in a deep mess.


Have you witnessed this before? Do you really think it’s normal?


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