Opinion: Churches You Must Not Attend No Matter What

Opinion: Churches You Must Not Attend No Matter What


Growing up as a Christian one lesson I was strictly taught and told to adhere to is the fact that heaven is my goal at the end of the day as a Christian.


Therefore, I was taught to do everything withing my reach and power to remain holy and do the will of God so that heaven will be my home when I die.


These teachings taught me a lot about my faith and how I am supposed to live as a Christian and what I need to do, with that I find it easy to identify or know when people are doing things out of God’s plans and decrees.


I was motivated to write this article to advise and encourage other Christians out there to know that heaven is real and hell is real as well, therefore they should decease from serving God in an ungodly manner and start serving him the way he deserved to be served.


Churches are meant to be a place of worship, prayers, and a place you encounter God. The bible says as a Christian you should not neglect the gatherings of believers, this means that going to church should be with the sole aim of encouraging each other and not the other way round.


It is rather unfortunate and saddening that when you visit some of our churches in Nigeria you will feel as though you are in a nightclub due to how people are dressing. Remember the bible says our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so we ought to keep it holy.


The rate at which new generation churches are springing up in our country today is quite alarming, and the way they carry out their activities is quite questionable.


It is to this regard that I took out time to outline some major attributes of churches that any Christian who want to make heaven should not attend no matter what. Some of these attributes are as follows.


1. A church that centers it’s preaching on prosperity


I don’t know why many find it difficult to understand that the bible has already stated some major facts we need to watch out for at the end time.


The bible spoke about the rise of false prophets, and people will be lovers of money. These are few of many things the bible pointed out with regards the end time. So these churches tell you what you want to hear to get back at you, so please be mindful of this.


2. Churches where women dress in an Indecent manner




Remember the bible says our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit therefore we should keep it holy. The bible also stated clearly that a man should not wear women’s clothing and likewise a woman should not wear man’s clothing.


When you enter some of these churches, you will realize that 90% of the women in such churches are dressing in men’s clothing as they expose sensitive parts of their body, while some men pierce their ears.


3. Leaders misconduct


If you ever attend a church where you see pastors seemingly performing miracles in a way that doesn’t make you feel comfortable then it’s not for you. Most churches in recent times have found themselves in scandals where church leaders are caught doing the Unthinkable and so if you ever hear a leader in your church did any of these it was forgiven and overlooked then walk away.


4. Funny or staged miracles




It is very funny how some men of God staged and planned miracles lately, when ever you see them performing such miracles it seems so obvious that it is staged just to get the attention of their members into believing in their powers. Please flee from those churches of you observe any of such.


Please let me know what you think about this topic using the comments section below. To add to this, if you ever go to a church where the pastor seems to be too young and always asking for private fellowship especially at night, walk away, God is light and love and doesn’t associate Himself with darkness. Thank you.


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