Opinion: My Igbo Brothers, IPOB is Not What we Need, Let’s Work Together to Make Nigeria Great

Opinion: My Igbo Brothers, IPOB is Not What we Need, Let’s Work Together to Make Nigeria Great


The Proscribed Group called IPOB is one illegal group that has really upset the balance of this our beloved nation. This is done not through the masses but through the man known as Nnamdi Kanu. He is the pioneer of the group and until some truths are forced into the ears of our Igbo Brothers, they will keep following the group blindly.


So, in this article, I am going to pour out my mind as regards the IPOB thing and also the reason why it is not what we need currently. Nigeria is better off as a nation consisting of different kinds of people.




First of all, it is normal and accurate for me to briefly tell all my Igbo Brothers the risks involved in further agitating for their Biafra struggle. Insistence to pull away or break out from Nigeria will only result to another civil war which will automatically mean more bloodshed and the worst part is that, Nigerian soldiers will most likely crush the rebellion thus leading to an unnecessary killing and shedding of blood.




Before opening your mouth to speak in favour of the Biafrans or support the blind movement of Nnamdi Kanu, it is worthy to take note of the implications of such action. Get back to history books and grab the full information about the civil war and how one-sided and bloody it was.


Agitating for a blind movement will only sideline the Igbo peoples of Nigeria from the current political trends and make it literally impossible for an Igbo person to become president in the nearest future. This is a fact all Biafra or IPOB agitator should take note of. If the IPOB struggle and agitation continues Igbos might finally be sidelined from nigerian Politics and this is totally inappropriate. Think about this and have a rethink, together we all can make Nigeria great and enjoyable for us all.




Finally, before jumping up and carrying the IPOB flag all around, ask yourself this question, where is our self proclaimed leader? He is somewhere in Britain or Israel enjoying the freedom he couldn’t get in his country because of his troublesome nature. If you pick up arms or risk your life in the name of IPOB, and unluckily you lose your life in the process, what will be your satisfaction while breathing your last? I want every Igbo man to think about this and reconsider agitating for the Biafran struggle or Biafra state.


Nigeria can only be better and enjoyable if we collectively play our part in it’s development. Vote for whoever you desire and not the highest bidder and believe me you, Nigeria will be great and enjoyable for us all! Thanks.

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