Please don’t read this story if you don’t want to laugh. Anambra man and his Yoruba son-in-law

Please don’t read this story if you don’t want to laugh. Anambra man and his Yoruba son-in-law.

A Yoruba guy and an Igbo lady named Obiagaeli from Anambra state were madly in love. The guy’s name was Ade, and he was from Ondo. After dating for two years, they finally agreed to get married. Ade has just completed his small house at that time.


He visited Obiagaeli’s people and they refused to let him have their daughter because he was a ‘keke’ rider in Lagos. “This broke guy thinks he can have our well-educated daughter” “Tifiakwa! Na where he go see the money take afford our Obiagaeli” her mother said, after he’d left. Their daughter tried to persuade them because Ade had done the same thing before his people accepted an Igbo girl, but they refused.


Obiagaeli returned to Lagos and stopped calling her people. She began to live with Ade, and next thing, she was pregnant. Ade’s parents were happy about the news, but when he went back to see Obiagaeli’s people, they insisted that he paid their daughter’s expensive bride price and provide several items written on a very long list, before they could discuss anything about the wedding. Ade told them about what he can afford after saving, but they rejected it. “Let me work harder and save more, so that I can marry your daughter” he said before returning to Lagos. Obiagaeli later joined him in the city and they kept living together. Obiagaeli’s parents never heard anything from them for six years. This time they’ve already had four kids. She finally decided to visit her parents after all these years to ask for their blessings and forgiveness. Seeing their daughter and her beautiful kids made them happy and sad at the same time, especially as they came with their father. “Sir I’ve brought this money and these few items to apologise to apologise and to ask for your blessings” Ade said while kneeling down with his wife. “I’m going to forgive you as my wife has requested” Obiagaeli’s father replied, “but you’re still going to marry our daughter the proper way if you want our blessings. You must provide what I asked you to provide long ago – the N500k for bride price and other items. After doing that, we can talk business.” “Thank you sir, I accept” Ade replied, “let me go back to the city and hustle harder so I can provide the N500k first” “Our daughter will live with us while you’re ‘hustling’, before you guys disappear again” Obiagaeli’s mother said, and Ade agreed. One month, two months, four months had passed and they’ve heard nothing good from Ade besides “I’m still trying to save some money sir.” Six months passed and Obiagaeli and her ever-hungry children had consumed almost everything her father’s house that they could no longer endure and take care of them. In his anger, he called Ade and cried out, “nna what’s going on? It’s like you’ve abandoned your family here for me to cater for. How much have you been able to gather for six months now?” “I’ve saved N50k sir and I’m hoping to gather more” Ade replied. “Haaaa! Only N50k all these months? When will you save the N500k? See, bring the N50k and whatever you can add immediately and come back here and carry your wife o!” Ade returned to Obiagaeli’s home with his parents, carrying only N50k in his pocket and it was accepted. His parents provided a few items written on the list for their son’s wedding. After everyone had returned to Lagos, Obiagaeli’s father sat with his wife and lamented, “which kind bad market be this sef? After all my expenses and investment on our Obiagaeli, I manage see N50k collect after feeding them for six good months. So, na like this dem for dey here and I for no see N5 collect till she carry children go back?”


Now tell me who outsmarted who – Yoruba man or Igbo man?


Thank you very much for reading! Can’t wait to start reading your comments!


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