Prayers You Should Say Before Talking to Anyone This Morning

Prayers You Should Say Before Talking to Anyone This Morning (16/06/2020 n)


Let us first start by giving all the glory, honor and adoration to the Alpha and Omega, the Almighty God, for His grace, mercy and favor over our lives. Many went to bed the same way we did yesterday but they never woke up again. Is it because we are better than they are or because we’re more holy ? It really isn’t, it is because our Father who art in Heaven has granted us the gift of life again, to go into this day and give him all the glory.


Say Amen to this Prayers before you talk to anyone this morning


1. In Jesus name, dear Lord we thank You for preservation and the gift of life, we say thank you in Jesus name.


2. We commit this day unto your hands, Lord come and pave the way for us in Jesus name.


3. We need you Lord, we cannot achieve anything today without your directive and your leadership. Come and teach us what to do in Jesus name.


4. Lord Jesus, as we’re about to step outside cover us all with your blood and protect us from all the evil today.


5. Let the blessings that comes with a new day be ours today. We trust in you and we believe you will not let us down.


6. Let our going out be blessed, let our coming in be blessed as well, In Jesus Mighty name we pray, Amen.


As you say Amen i pray that you be Blessed, have a wonderful day.


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