RAMA! ! See What This Female Robber Did Immediately She Was Sentenced To Death In The Court

RAMA! ! See What This Female Robber Did Immediately She Was Sentenced To Death In The Court

Drama took place in an high Court after a female armed robber who have robbed and killed so many people was sentenced to death in the court.


The problem in this country is that people just seems to commit crime forgetting about the consequences which revolves around the crime the are committing is death


The police commissioner in Ogun state have stated that they will be no criminal in the state that will be pardoned once they are caught.


This statement charged the police to go and hunt criminals who have been making the state unbearable for the citizens.



The notorious armed robbers who were taken to court for judgment committed a very serious crime, they were apprehended by the Enugu State police command for committing Robbing a business man and killing his entire family.


According to the police this group of notorious armed robbers have really disturbed the entire state, they were arrested based on intelligence information that was given to the police about their alleged criminal activities in the state.


After they must have been arrested the police commissioner ordered that they should be transfered to their special intelligence and investigation unit for discrete investigations.



They were charged to court after series of investigations was conducted by the police and the notorious armed robbers were paraded at the state high Court.


The case has been in the court for years but surprisingly they woman who was alleged to have been the person who shot the man and his family after Robbing them was sentenced to death.


What she did immediately she heard her death sentenced was so surprising.


She cried out bitterly and dragged herself all over the ground not allowing the police to take her away.



The woman cried and begged that she should be released because she doesn’ t want to be killed.


The lady was seen in the picture crying and struggling with the police.


What so many people fell to understand is that the reward for killing is death, anybody that kills must also be killed

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