Read Seven Ways to Cleanse your Womb and make your Ovulation return back to Normal

Read Seven Ways to Cleanse your Womb and make your Ovulation return back to Normal.

The reproductive system is very important and requires adequate care and attention. If not properly taken care of, may lead to serious medical conditions. You must not wait till you want to get pregnant and become a mother before you start doing the required. If your ovulation is not regular this is for you. Here are ten simple ways to Cleanse the reproductive system:




1) Use of ginger, garlic, clove and turmeric: You can cleanse your system using these kitchen spices. Wash them properly. After washing you peel off their back. Then cut them into small small pieces. When you’re done with that, get a neat bottle of distilled water. Pour the diced ginger, garlic, clove and tumeric into the bottle. Allow it to stay for a minimum of three days in order for fermentation to take place. Then when this is done, shake very well and take three shots a day.



2) Use of bitter leaf: Bitter leaf goes a long way in cleansing not only your reproductive system but also your whole body. The leaf just like the name implies is very bitter. It can be washed and eaten raw for those who can stand the bitter taste. In a situation where one can’t withstand it’s bitter taste, squeeze the leaf to extract it’s bitter juice. Then add little water and drink, once a day. This works very well. It stimulates ovulation and even helps to check your blood sugar level.


3) Use of scent leaf: Get a pot of water, then add your scent leaf. You don’t need to wash it. Then boil for ten to fifteen minutes. Allow it to cool. Pour the warm water into a cup and drink. You can do this twice a day.




4) Get rid of too much sugar in your diet: Too much sugar affects your reproductive system. The prove is that those that consume excess sugar tend to have a more painful period. Also excess sugar may lead to early menopause. Our aged mothers reached up to fifty or more years before menopause set in. But these days, you will see a woman barely forty years of age and menopause is already knocking. The only difference between these women is diet. Change your diet, eat more healthy, take enough fruit and vegetables and eliminate excess sugar.


5) Regular steaming: Steaming simply involves sitting on top of hot water for three to five minutes. Get scent leaf, bitter leaf and little salt. Put all of them into a bucket of hot but not very hot water to avoid burning yourself. Sit on top of it for five to ten minutes. Do this three to four times a week. This helps to cleanse your system.




6) Use of gauva leaf: Get guava leaf. Air dry it, not sun dry. After that, put the dried leaf into a pot of water, then allow it to boil. Allow it to cool, pour into a cup and drink, once a day.


7) Use of moringa seed: Moringa is highly medicinal and that includes the leaf. Just take the seeds, chew and swallow.


If you do these things religiously, be rest assured your system will function better.

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