Remember Mercedes-Benz C300 Used In Selling Local Herbs In Kaduna, Here Is More About The Man


It surprises many people to see the luxurious Mercedes- Benz C300 in Kaduna being used to hawk herbal products, with a speaker placed over the roof of the car and the drugs they sell placed on the bonnet of the car. The man selling the herbal product was seated in the car advertising the herbal product in Hausa Language.

It was a show offense surprise to many people to see such an expensive car being used to sell such product. Presently the Mercedes- Benz C300 is not being sold with less than 3. 5 million Naira, depending on the year of manufacture.

Such an expensive and luxurious car which is what many people in Nigeria will do anything to get is what has been reduced to herbal product delivery and service car. Many people would in the past have done different things to get this type of car, from those that will embezzle government fund, to cheating, ‘ yahoo yahoo’ and all sought of things, NaijaCover Reports.

This is a great lesson to everybody reading this article, that life is simple and all material world is nothing but vanity. It is not that you should not try to make ends meet, like acquiring a house of your own, buying a car of your own and putting on designer’ s cloths, but acquiring such wealth in a legit way is what this article is advocating.

No matter how rich you are today, there were those who were richer than you before, they had all these material wealth around them, which have been outdated today. The best house built in 2010 is not what is trending today, so also the best type of car used in 2010 are not the latest in town today.

Therefore, live a life that is simple and help the needy and the less privileged in your society. Dash out to them what they lack and value, give them something like water, electricity, scholarship, hospital equipment and so on.

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