Remembering 5 Late Nollywood Actors that We Still Miss [Photos

Remembering 5 Late Nollywood Actors that We Still Miss [Photos]



Death is an inevitable end waiting for every human being. It comes like a thief that targets the people we love most in any aspect of life. But what can we say? We all will end up there someday.

Today I’m making this article as a remembrance note to refresh our minds concerning our favourite Nollywood Celebrities that have been snatched away from our presence by death.

1. Muna Obiekwe



Muna Obiekwe really played a huge role when he was alive to entertain us. He had the fans in mind while playing any role, though he was selected to play roles related to romance. He was such an amazing talent but the cold hands of death caught up with him on the 18th of January 2015.

2. Sam Loco Efe



If I am asked till tomorrow my all time favourite when it comes to funny movies, I will also mention the name Sam Loco Efe because he was so perfect when it comes to acting comic movies. Most people still download and watch his movies even after his death. He died on the 7th of August 2011.

3. Dede One Day



Dede One Day whose real name was Peter Onwuzurike really entertained us with his God given talent. He was a very hardworking comedian that never stopped entertaining us in every movie he played in then. 14th December 2015 was really a dark day for his fans all over Nigeria.

4. Justus Esiri





It is really a sad reality that heroes don’t last. This assertion perfectly matches the personality of this veteran actor. He will forever be loved by his fans.

5. Enebeli Enebuwa



Enebeli Enebuwa was a great Nollywood actor and he really tried when it comes to entertaining us and playing his roles perfectly. The entertainment industry was shaken upon hearing the news of his demise and honestly speaking Nollywood hasn’t probably recovered from the shock.

We have come to the end of this article, which of them do you miss the most?

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