Sad: Over 20 pictures showing what soldiers go through just to keep us safe

Heart touching: Over 20 pictures showing what soldiers go through just to keep us safe

Men of the military are this group of people that lay down their lives just to save and protect ours. They are always out there in the cold, in the dark and under the sun, they barely know how their families are faring.

The pain and emotions of a soldier’s wife is what I always imagine; how do they cope? How do they take care of the family all alone? Their conjugal rights and all of that…

The children; that fatherly love they ought to enjoy only comes when ‘a soldier is on leave’. This men are out there keeping peace and safe guarding the nation.

Yearly, we see Nigerian youths applying to be recruited into the army just to join the fight alongside others despite knowing the commitment needed, and the sacrifice expected from every officer.

The uniform look so admirable most especially the ceremonial wears and it can make you fall in love with the profession in just a matter of moments.

It will be fair to share with you those moments that shows we have to be grateful to our military men and women.


Just a heart 💖 for our gallant men will go a long way to encourage them.

Like, follow and share with friends and family on other platforms, let them see what our fathers, friends, uncles and relatives are out there facing just to safeguard our territory.

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