Say These Powerful Prayers and You Shall Never Lack Money

While observing your five daily prayers, don’t forget to always say these powerful prayers and you shall never lack money. This is not a money ritual prayer, they are prayers highly recommended by Prophet Muhammad (SAW).



The Prophet of Allah revealed to us the best position and the best moments prayers can be answered so fast, but many people are ignorant of this.


He explained to us the ‘kitaab (books of Allah)’ , that we should say our prayer when in sujood, when saying that ‘Tahshood(after Ataya, before Salam)’ likewise when it’s raining. Also, in the third part of the night. When you wake up in the third part of the night observe ‘Nawafil’, recite some parts from the Holy Quran and say your supplications.


If you can take note of all these mentioned above and practice it religiously, you shall never lack money. And no evil shall befall you.




Below are the pictures of the Arabic verses of the prayer; say the prayer and you shall see the result.















After you have say the above prayers, recite suratul Iklas, Nas and Falaq for maximum protection. When you are seriously in need of money, say “Ya Gafar, igifir li, Ya Rasaku, ursukuni”, as many as possible. No one should doubt that efficacy of prayer because it is the key to unlocking blessings and whatever good things your heart desires.


May Allah accepts the supplications as act of Ibadah and grant your wishes. Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Share these prayers with others.

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