Say These Prayers Against Devil Rituals This Ember Month

No Devil Can Withstand This Prayer, Say It Before Going To Work This Morning

Father in the mighty name of Jesus, we thank you this morning, we adore and worship your name, we give you all the glory, thank you for protecting us all through the night from the evil ones.


Father as we are going to our various destination, no untimely accident shall locate us on the road. The road will not drink our blood in the mighty name of Jesus.


Any evil arrow sent by the enemy shall not locate us in the mighty name of Jesus. Any evil gathering of the enemy shall scatter and perish in the name of Jesus Christ.


Our helper shall not rest until they locate us today. Double promotion in our various place of work.


Father I pray that the blessings of the almighty God shall locate you in the mighty name of Jesus



Father as your children has ask, so shall it be in the mighty of Jesus.


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