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See How This Girl Makes Millions Other Girls Should Learn From

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Have you seen Lerato (Rhythm city) Samkelo Ndlovu’s hot pics? See photos and learn more about her

Samkelo Ndlovu

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win 40k and a night with me

Samkelo Ndlovu is best known as a TV Actress.

win 40k and a night with me

South African actress who is best known for appearing

win 40k and a night with me

on the TV show iNkaba. She played the part of Lira

win 40k and a night with me

Khumalo in the aforementioned show. She was born

on December 31, 1989 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She is an actress from South Africa who is

comparable to Khanya Mkangisa. She first appeared

in iNkaba back in 2012.

On TRENDCELEBSNOW.COM, She is one of the

successful TV Actress. She has ranked on the list of

those famous people who were born on December 31,

1989. She is one of the Richest TV Actress who was

born in South Africa .

First Name : Samkelo

Last Name : Ndlovu

Nicknames: Samu, Samurai

Profession : TV Actress

Birth Place : Alexandra,Johannesburg, South Africa

Samkelo Ndlovu age

Samu was born in 1989 at Alexandra, Johannesburg,

South Africa.Currently, she is 31 years old.

She grew up in South Africa and attended Fairways

Primary School . After completing her primary education, she joined Sandringham High School. She is an alumnus of AFDA.

Is Samkelo Ndlovu Xhosa?

Many people have questioned the actress’ ethnicity. She has openly come out to demystify myths associated with tribalism in South Africa.

According to her, tribes are not essential and are long

outdated. She asserts that tribalism is a form of

segregation among millennials. She hails from the Xhosa community. She is a multilingual person who speaks fluently in English, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana and Sotho.

Samkelo Ndlovu baby

In February 2018, the actress gave birth to a beautiful

daughter. She announced the news of her daughter’s birth on social media. She is a loving and caring mother. Once in a while, she posts pictures of her daughter on her social media platforms.

Samkelo Ndlovu baby name is Zhúri Ngilosi . Her first

name, Zhúri, means beautiful in the Swahili language.

On the other hand, Ngilosi means beautiful in IsiXhosa.

Samkelo Ndlovu daughter turned one year old in February 2019.

On Zhúri Ngilosi’s first birthday, the mother of one went

all out to celebrate the milestone. The actress hosted a

fairy birthday party that was fit for a princess who is loved and cherished. The theme for the party was a royal picnic. The joyous mother was elated as she reflected over the past year as a mother.

Samkelo Ndlovu baby daddy

∆The actress is known for keeping her private life away

from both social and mainstream media. Who is Samkelo Ndlovu baby father? Although Samu does not openly talk about him, there are indications that Sello Nhlapho, a South African model, is Zhúri Ngilosi’s daddy.

In July 2019, she confirmed in an interview that she and

Ngilosi’s father were no longer a couple. They loved each other but were not in love with each other. Currently, the two are co-parenting very well. He is actively involved in his daughter’s life.

Who is Samkelo Ndlovu husband? Samu is yet to get

married. She is happily raising her daughter and is not

ready to throw herself back in the dating world again.

Samkelo and Trevor Noah

Many girls dream of dating comedian Trevor Noah. Did

you know that the famous comedian once wanted to date Samu? She revealed that she and the comedian almost

dated when they both featured in a film together.

When Trevor asked her out, she turned him down. She

said that she was too young to date the comedian, who

was not famous at the time. She had just finished college,

had a whole life ahead of her, and was dating Thomas

Gumede at the time.

Trevor would, sometimes, pick her up as they both went

on the set for the film. When Gumede found out, he was

not pleased. Looking back, the actress does not regret

her decision. She does not think that she and Trevor

would have made a long-lasting and happy relationship.

TV shows and movies

∆Samu landed her first acting job just one month after

graduating from college. Since then, she has featured in

different television shows and movies. These include:

– Taka Taka: This was her first acting role. She portrayed the role of Lerato in the feature comedy movie. Kagiso Lediga and comedian Trevor Noah were her co-stars in

the film.

– Zone 14: She acted as Sonia in both season three and


– Intersexions: She portrayed the character of Mbali.

– iNkaba: She featured in this television series as Lira


– Sokhulu & Partners: She featured in this show as


– Generations: She portrayed the character of DJ Lulu.

– Skyf – The Movie: She portrayed the character of Esther in this film which was produced by Thapelo Mokoena.

– Rhythm City: She joined the cast of this show as Lerato in July 2013. Lerato Rhythm City is the flirtatious and vain cousin of Fats.

– Mzansi Love: Kasi Style: She starred in the episode

called ‘Lawless’ . She acted as Lebo, a young lawyer in a

top law firm. She was working on a high-profile case.


∆At one point in her career, the actress was nominated for the Golden Horn Award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Drama Series award. She is proud of herself for the nomination, but she still believes that awards and

nominations do not determine the ability of an actor or


Samkelo Ndlovu Net Worth

According to Trending Celebs Now, Samkelo Ndlovu’s

estimated Net Worth , Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles

& much more details has been updated below. Let’s

check, How Rich is Samkelo Ndlovu in 2020?

Estimated Net Worth in 2019 : $1 Million – $5 Million


Previous Year’s Net Worth (2018): $100,000

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Tell The Driver To Drop You If You Notice These Things Inside A Keke Napep

win 40k and a night with me
Tell The Driver To Drop You If You Notice These Things Inside A Keke Napep


win 40k and a night with me


One of the means of transportation apart from boarding public vehicles is entering or boarding a Keke Napep. Most Keke riders have filled up the transportation business thus making most cities in Nigeria to be filled with Keke Napeps.

win 40k and a night with me

Many Nigerians including me, love boarding Keke Napeps because of how comfortable it is and I am certain most of you are familiar with what I am saying. But like every other thing, criminals, evil people have also made their way into the business to perpetrate evil on unsupecting individuals. In this article, we are going to be having a look at the 3 Things You Should watch out for in every Keke Napep to avoid falling prey to evil doers.

win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me

1. If the Keke Rider and The Passengers ask you to sit in the middle: this is a dangerous movement. Don’t agree simply because they told you to do so because they could also be part of the evil gang planning to either abduct you or use you for any other diabolical purposes. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not saying anytime you are asked to sit in the middle that it means you will be harmed, but take it more seriously when both the rider and the so called passengers collectively ask you to sit in the middle of two other passengers.

They do this most times to make it easier for them to abduct or do something evil to you without been disturbed by your resistance.



2. If the Keke Rider Tries to Follow an Unnecessary Shortcut: I put it this way because some shortcuts are necessary. Some are unnecessary in the sense that the main road may not be congested and the rider intentionally tries to follow a shortcut, that’s a dangerous move. If you are in such a Keke Napep, immediately the rider tries to divert in a remote shortcut, immediately ask him to alight you if you care about your life.

In some unfortunate cases, the rider takes such people to remote areas and either rapes the person if a lady or abduct the person and ask for ransom from the person’s family. Please this is a serious tip you should take seriously to avoid being hurt.



3. If Other passengers start discussing something like a business idea and ask for your input: this is another tricky method, most fraudulent Keke riders employ to scam unsuspecting individuals. Most times they make use of charm while discussing and deliberating in the Keke Napep of which immediately you interfere or give your input as regards their discussion, you get charmed and their wish becomes your command.

Immediately you enter a Keke Napep and the passengers start discussing a business idea and start trying their best to get your own idea, please alight from such a ride immediately if you don’t want to scammed. This method has been used to scam alot of individuals off their monies and I decided to share it with my viewers today.

That’s all for now lovely viewers! If you enjoyed the article, kindly follow this handle for more updates. Thanks.

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‘He Stopped Acting for Beer Business’ – See Photos Of Emeka Enyiocha’s Wife and Children

win 40k and a night with me
He Stopped Acting Because Of Beer – Where He Ended Up With His Wife Now


win 40k and a night with me


Emeka Enyiocha is one of the most popular and beloved Nollywood actors that entertained us greatly in the past. In the past, he was one of the top performing and talented actors in the movie industry before he stopped for Beer Parlour business.

win 40k and a night with me

According to Emeka, he quit acting for beer business because he wanted to be close to his wife and children. You know acting is one profession that looks very simple from the outside but it’s quite difficult and stressful for the major players. Sometimes, it will make you unable to spend quality time with your family members.

win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me

One of the actors greatly impacted by the acting profession is Emeka Enyiocha, so he had to quit for a while and ventured in beer business so that he can be with his family the more. Though, this article is not purely about his career but showing you photos of his wife and children, I just thought it wise to also tell you why he suddenly varnished from the screen.

Checkout Photos of Actor Emeka Enyiocha’s Wife and Children;



Emeka enyiocha is not only a talented and good looking actor but also a family man that cares about his family alot. As you can see in the above image, that’s a picture of him and his wife. The couple is also blessed with three beautiful children.



That’s all for now. I believe this article answered two major questions for you. The reason why he is no longer acting for now and photos of his wife and children. If you enjoyed it, tap the follow button for more updates.

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You Plan To Be A Millionaire Don’t Tell Anyone These 3 Things About Yourself

win 40k and a night with me
You Plan To Be A Millionaire Don’t Tell Anyone These 3 Things About Yourself


Many times individuals tend to send information about themselves to people they feel close to them, without understanding that the person can’t take you like you do. I experienced such a horrible experience and that’s why I make this eye-opening essay to my audience.

win 40k and a night with me

In this post I will explain to you the three (3) things you should not disclose anyone about yourself or your life, including family members or blood connections.

win 40k and a night with me

1. Your Future Plans: this information is highly important to your life and you should not attempt and tell anyone. Most of the time, we take our future goals to heart and convince others that it cannot be dangerous or that our ideas are no longer working. Forget about superstition, if people think it would make you greater than they can damage your future goals.

win 40k and a night with me

It is therefore preferable to keep everything to yourself and yourself regarding your future. If you say wrongly or deliberately to the incorrect person about your future intentions, you instantly risk dispersing whatever it is. Just stay quiet about your future ambitions and efforts whether they relate to money or not, something is more personal.

win 40k and a night with me

win 40k and a night with me

2. Your financial status: This is another sensitive information that your bank can best provide. It is highly unethical and hazardous to tell anyone even your own blood relationships and siblings about your financial position. It can race; envy, hate can lead to something for these two things. If someone wants you, be aware because someone can even murder you.

So you have to be silent regarding your financial condition or the amount you have in your account. It’s best to know your bank and nobody else. Although it may be special if the person is your spouse, because you are married instantly, the future of the individual becomes your own future thus no secrets are necessary. Besides that, don’t tell anyone else your financial position, whether it a buddy, brother, sister, etc.

3. Your relationship status: may sound embarrassing, but you have to take note of this. Never reveal your relationship status or events in your external relationship. It’s your personal business and it should stay so.

When I say relation I don’t mean if your individual or not simply keep the events or what you face privately and exclusively between you and your spouse. It’s very inappropriate to tell your pals what’s occurring, because it might even lead to jealousy. People envy everything, especially when it flourishes. Don’t get overly enthusiastic and spill all your life out to them.

To tell others all about you might lead to jealously, envy, hate, or cause people to gaze at you. Stay private! Stay private! Follow this manual and share this post for additional updates with your friends. Thanks


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