See the man that has been bitten 3000 times by Snakes and Still Alive

See the man that has been bitten 3000 times by Snakes and Still Alive



The man Vava suresh is a wide life conservationist and a snake catcher in india. He is known for capturing snakes that stray into human homes and returning them to widelife. He is the most popular snake catcher in the whole world.

As of January 2020, he has captured 126 king cobras and is believed to have rescued more than 50,000 snakes straying into human inhabited areas. He has been bitten 3000 times by Snakes generally and 300 times by venomous snakes and he is still alive.



This is because he captures snakes without protective equipment and sends them back to the wild. That is his mission. Because he doesn’t use protective equipment he has been on the ICU three times and six times on the ventilator when he was bitten by snakes.

Vava Suresh’s mission is to educate people around the Indian sub continent on the behaviour of snakes and to capture those straying into human environment and release them into the wild. From time to time he releases reptiles and other snakes into the wild. He tries to ensure that these endangered species of snake are preserved and safeguarded.



Vava Suresh is a native of Trivandrum Kerala India and he is about 46 years old.

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