See what happened to a Yahoo boy at a club in Ibadan

See what happened to a Yahoo boy at a club in Ibadan



It’s so unfortunate that nowadays, almost all young boys of this generation wants to get rich without going through stress and in lieu of this get rich quick syndrome, they get themselves involve in a lot of nefarious activities just to make fast and huge money.

So, in order to make this money in large quantity from their “magas”, they get themselves involve in what is known as Yahoo plus, which involves using charm to talk to their clients so that, he or she won’t resist anything they say it demand from them, and Yahoo plus comes with some repercussions which can happen anytime and anywhere.

Just today, nemesis has caught up with a Yahoo boy, after he was videoed barking like a dog in of the clubs in Ibadan city, where he went to enjoy himself.

The exact location of the incident was not given but in the video, the internet fraudster was seen barking like a dog while someone was heard telling another man who was video recording him not to video record him again, so that the Yahoo boy won’t be exposed.

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