She Was A Year Old When She Lost Her Legs After Her Parents Tried To Kill Her In A Bomb Blast

She Was A Year Old When She Lost Her Legs After Her Parents Tried To Kill Her In A Bomb Blast

Life is sweet just as life can sometimes get so rough that suicidal thoughts could rare up as the only alternative.

Today, we’ll take a brief look into the life of a young lady whose biological parents almost took her life but she was saved by grace.

Meet Haven Shepherd

Haven Faith Shepherd is a famous athlete and a professional swimmer. She’s currently 17 years old and she was born in Vietnam.

Haven’s poor family background

Haven was born into a poor family, her dad had to struggle to get decent food on the table. Life was so hard for her mum and dad and she was their only child.

When Haven was a year and 4 months old, her parent thought of suicide and agreed to it as the solution to their problem.

How she lost her legs

Her dad managed to get some bombs which they lit in their small hut, he strapped one to himself and one to her mum while Haven was placed in between them as they wait for it to explode.

Miraculously, Haven was catapulted out of the house as the bomb exploded and she was sent flying some meters away from the hut which was on fire.

Haven pictured with her grandmother at the hospital

Haven was rescued and taken to the hospital by her grandmother, sadly her mum and dad died in the bomb blast. Haven’s leg was badly damaged in the blast so they had it amputated.

The adoption

Little Haven found favor in the eyes of Rob and Shelly Shepherd who adopted her and took her into their family. They raised her and provided for her needs.

Her positive lifestyle

Even with the loss of her legs, Haven grew up as a positive young lady. She loves sporting activities especially swimming.

In her early teenage years, she was already a professional swimmer and her adoptive parents also supported her.

Her incredible forgiveness

When Haven was asked how she felt about her parents, she said she holds no grudges against them after all it’s what they did that made her who she is today.

Arrow pointed at her first pair of artificial legs when she was a baby

Haven could have died in the bomb blast but life had a better offer for her. When God says it’s not your time to die, nothing can kill you unless God permits it.

See photos of Haven participating in sports activities

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