Six Quranic Verses That Could Break Curs

Six Quranic Verses That Could Break Curs

we can use these 6 verses to cure our illness. Such as 1)t those illness that prove Sturbon after visiting hospital


2)untopable stomach problems after visiting hospital, and different local herbs.

3Spiritual attack ​*Asasi​*


Eating in dream or anything that is magic etc


1.Suratul Tauba:ayata 14.


2. Suratul Yunus ayata 57.


3.Suratul Nahli:ayata 69.


4.Suratul Isra,i:ayata 82.


5.Suratul Shu,ara:ayata 78~82.


6.Suratul Fuslilat:ayata 44


7.Suratul Fatihah



Please, ensure you share to muslims so that you can be rewarded by Allah. It will serve as sadaqat jariya.Ameen.


The evidence was mentioned in a book named


عالج نفسك بالقرآن والاعشاب

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