Snake May Enter Your House When You Are Asleep, Do These To Avoid Snake And Bites

If a Snake Enters your house, do these 5 things to get rid of it



Snakes are generally perceived as evil and dangerous creatures and it’s not a wrong ideology in anyway because snake bites can lead to human death.

But what do you do in a situation when a snake enters into your house from the bush or from outside? This article seeks to answer this dauntibg question.

In this article you will get to see the 5 most effective actions to embark upon if you want to get rid of a snake that either mistakenly or intentionally enters your house.

Below are the 5 Most Effective things to do when a snake enters your house:

1. Be calm: It takes professionalism and carefulness to handle snakes. When a snake enters your house you need to first of all be calm and listen to it’s movements. Snakes make sounds when moving and whenever a snake is in your house, carefully observe it’s movement.

2. Use Kerosene or another corrosive chemical: this is another highly effective method to get rid of a snake that enters your house. When a snake enters your house and you are aware, all you have to do is to locate the exact place you think it is and pour a huge amount of kerosene there and the snake will certainly come out to public view.

3. Call for help: when you hear the hissing sound of snake in your house, another highly effective method to employ is calling for help from your neighbours as two to three armed people surrounding the suspected area will lead to successful killing of the snake.

4. Scatter the Suspected Location: a snake is an animal and as such it gets scared of shakings and scatterings. If you are certain the snake is in a particular place all you have to do is to shake and scatter the place with two or more people surrounding the snake’s possible areas of escape. As an animal it will certainly get scared and move out of the location wilhich will lead to you seeing it and therefore attacking.

5. Keep Children Away: while you are doing everything to get rid of the snake, endeavour to keep Children away or other things the snake can easily attack because at that point it’s very scared and can attack any close living thing. Also make sure you can see clearly, pursuing a snake or going after a snake in a dark closet can be suicide.

As a Nigerian this is all you need to do to get rid of a snake that has already made its way into your house.

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