Soak Bitter Leaf in Coconut Water Overnight to Treat these Health Problems!

Soak Bitter Leaf in Coconut Water Overnight to Treat these Health Problems!


Getting the best out of a herbal mixture is the most essential thing. That’s why I introduce you to this mixture of bitter leaf and coconut water. Your health is of utmost importance so if you want to make the most of the information I’m about to give you, please pay close attention to details.




Bitter leaf is widely known for it’s health properties. It is used to make many traditional herb s and the antioxidants present in it clears the body of free radicals that are capable of causing inflammation. All you need is fresh bitter leaf and coconut water. The reason we are using coconut water is to provide a medium for the bitter leaf.



How to Prepare

1. Wash the Bitter Leaf thoroughly.


2. Squeeze the leaf a little inside a cup but not to the extent of the water coming out.


3. Add one glass of Coconut water and cover it.


4. Leave the mixture overnight.


Health Benefits of the Mixture




1. It will the flush out the bacteria that causes gonorrhea, Staphylococcus and herpes.


2. It will stop discharge from the organ.


3. It will treat chlamydia


4. It will lower your blood pressure


5. It will cure typhoid and stomach ache




6. It detoxifies your liver of harmful substances.



7. It eliminates worms responsible for ache in the stomach.



8. It removed excess sugar from the body.


9. It treats quick ejaculation.


10. It keeps your kidney in good shape.


Take this mixture once everyday for five days for the best results

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