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Soak Cucumber With Cold Water Overnight Drink On Empty Stomach, To Cure This Infection

win 40k and a night with me

Today I will be talking about another thing that when taken it will be of great help to your health.

win 40k and a night with me

The fruit called cucumber is high in antioxidants and other nutrients.

When cucumber is soaked in a container filled with water till the next day, they make the water more rich in antioxidant and also more nutritious

win 40k and a night with me

Cucumber Has This Nutrient Composition:

win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me

• Phosphorus.

win 40k and a night with me


• Calcium.


• Potassium.


• Vitamin A.


• Vitamin K.


• Magnesium.






1. Cucumber.


2. Water.




How To Prepare Or Soak Cucumber With Water:






1. Get a cucumber, slice it and wash very well.





2. Get a bowl or any container of your choice, fill it with water, pour the sliced cucumber inside.





3. Cover it and keep it till the next day.




4. In the morning when you wake up, remove the cucumber from the water, add a little amount of milk and honey, for it to have taste, then you drink the water on empty stomach once a day. You can even drink it for 3 days.





Effect Of The Above Mixture:




1. Strengthens the bone: The vitamins K nutrient present in cucumber helps the body form proteins, which make healthy bones. So drinking this mixture help decrease fractures and strengthens the bone.




2. This mixture helps in expelling toxins from your body.




3. Minimizes cancer risk: Cucumber is rich in flavonoids, which help in preventing cancer. According to a study, the dietary flavonoid fisetin found in cucumbers may be able to slow the development of prostate cancer.




4. It heals stomach ache and ulcer.




5. Controls blood pressure: Cucumber contains potassium. Soaking cucumber with water helps in reducing blood pressure.


The potassium present in cucumber is also beneficial to the muscle.




6. This mixture helps you when you are stressed.




7. It decreases breathlessness.




8. Helps maintain healthy body and skin: Cucumber is also rich in vitamin B, which get rid of acne, dry skin and other skin infections.




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Learn How To Make Your Own Coconut Oil At Home In 5 Easy Steps – Picture Guide Included

win 40k and a night with me

Learn How To Make Your Own Coconut Oil At Home In 5 Easy Steps – Picture Guide Included.

win 40k and a night with me


Good day my people, I trust you are doing well. So I’ve been producing and selling coconut oil for quite some time now, and it have been fetching me quite alot of money for side husle. I sell a can of it for as much as 1000 naira.

win 40k and a night with me

Yes, it’s that expensive, because of its value. It doesn’t only make your complexion glow and shine (black or white) it also protects your skin cells, nourish them and enhance production of melanin. For those of you that use creams and bleaching cream, you will need to add it to your daily cosmetics, because most of the creams and cosmetic products out there contains hydroquinone, which thins your skin and depletes the melanin on your skin.

win 40k and a night with me

Today I will teach you how to produce coconut oil very easily without stress from the comfort of your home.

win 40k and a night with me

What you will need include: 9 to 10 coconuts from which you can extract approximately 150 grams of coconut oil, which will give you around 3 liters of coconut oil if done properly.

win 40k and a night with me

Method for preparation

Step 1: peel and extract the flesh from the coconut, and once you have collected the flesh from all the coconuts go ahead and grate it.

Step 2: Extract the coconut milk from the flesh by squeezing it with your hands in a muslin cloth. Keep a bowl below the cloth to collect the liquid. You can add very little hot water to it to make it easy to handle and to squeeze out all the milk

Step 3: Once the coconut milk has been extracted, sieve it using a muslin cloth to remove any impurities.

Step 4: place the coconut milk in a frying pan or pot and put it on fire. Let it cook for 2 to 3 hours, but make sure the heat is kept low.



Step 5: keep stirring it every now and then till the milk becomes brownish in colour. However, be careful that it doesn’t burn.

Step 6: once the milk becomes concentrated, remove it from the fire and let it cool down. Place the cooled thickened milk in a muslin cloth and squeeze out the oil. Collect it in a bowl and then store it in a can or a plastic bottle.




This homemade coconut oil can easily last for a year or at least 8 to 10 months. If You place it in an airtight container, don’t leave it out in the open else it can get contaminated and It will smell very.

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comment section.

Dont forget to like my post and follow me for more tips like this one. Thank you and happy Easter to you.




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Boil 3 Slices Of Mango Leaf With 1 Seed Of Onion And Drink 2 Times Daily To Get These Effects

win 40k and a night with me

Boil 3 Slices Of Mango Leaf With 1 Seed Of Onion And Drink 2 Times Daily To Get These Effects.

win 40k and a night with me


For centuries now, traditional healers in various cultures have relied on the effectiveness of mango leaves in curing diabetes and other illnesses.

win 40k and a night with me

The matured leaves are not used in this case but the tender leaves; tender mango leaves are rich in anthocyanidins, these are tannins that help in curing diabetes.

win 40k and a night with me

Apart from the mango fruit the leaves of mangoes have good medicinal healing to offer as well? Traditional healers boil young mango leaves in water and use it for treating numerous conditions and diseases

win 40k and a night with me

The mango trees are easily accessible around our houses, playground and farms in Africa.The leaves are usually not widely used, but the efficacy of this mango leaves can help us with various health problems as a herbal medicine.

win 40k and a night with me



Treating Diabetes (contain tannins and anthocyanins)

Mango leaves contain tannins and anthocyanins, which help to treat diabetes early. Mango leaves tea is very good for helping to treat diabetic angiopathy and diabetic retinopathy.

It also helps to treat hyperglycemia. The leaves contain a compound called taraxerol-3beta, and the ethyl acetate extract that has a synergy with insulin and stimulates the synthesis of glycogen.

How to use mango leaves for diabetes correctly is grab 3-4 slice of mango leaves, wash it, then boil it. Let the cooking water and mango leaves after boiling until the next day. In the morning, strain the water concoction of mango leaves we made last night, and drink on an empty stomach. You can add a little honey,Lemon and Lime.



Drying mango leaves is another way to use them as medicine.

The leaves are dried in a shade then ground into fine powder.



2 tablespoons of the powder are added to a cup of hot water and allowed to steep for 5 minutes.

Strain it and then your drink is ready.

You can add honey or lemon or lime juice for taste and to make it more effective .


The benefits of mango leaves are also rarely known as fertility herbal medicine.

Grind smoothly To Puree onion and two cloves of mango leaves, then brew it with a half glass of hot water and drink regularly.

How to use Mango Leaf Tea for weight loss


3-4 mango leaves



To start off, boil three to four mango leaves in a small pot of water.After it Has finished boiling, let these leaves sit in the water overnight, to maximize the amount of mango extract left in the water.Strain the leaves and drink the remaining solution first thing in the morning.

Drinking it on an empty stomach ensures that you will absorb as much of the mango leave’s diabetes-fighting nutrients as possible.


Mango leaves not many people knows that an old mango leaves are useful for the treatment of unhealthy gums and teeth. But it can also be used for dental care of the gums and teeth for normal people.

The trick is to pluck some old mango leaves and clean it properly.After that steeping mango leaves and then brew it with hot water until the water is turning yellowish.

This boiled mango leaves can be used for the treatment of teeth and gums. It will take the salt in our mouth when we’re rinsing it.


The mango leaves also can convert fats into pure energy and thereby increases the burning of more calories. Active ingredients of mango leaves reduce the appetite and desire to eat more, which will help during a diet without unnecessary snacks.

The content of potassium in the leaves of mango is extensive. This mineral excludes the delay of excess fluid in the body. And thanks to pectin and vegetable fiber, mango leaves improve digestion and metabolism, which is also essential in losing weight.

All these properties make it possible to have excellent achievements in weight loss and transition to a healthy diet.


To treat gout, we need some young mango leaves. clean then brewed it with hot water, until the water becomes yellowish stew. Then drink it.

This recipe was believed to relieve the symptoms of gout.Or you can also use it in other way:Put the young mango leaves in a mug, then add hot water up to one cup. wait until it’s colour changes to brown, then add a little white sugar Or a little honey.

Drink the infusion of young mango leaves every morning and night.


Soak mango leaves in a cup of water overnight. Then, strain the water and drink it. This should relieve your symptoms.


Mango leaves can also be used in the treatment of respiratory issues, such as asthma, cold and others.

Just boil some water and then add dry mango leaves in it. Add some honey to it and you have a remedy for a cough or any other respiratory issue.


Take a few dried mango leaves and crush them till they are powder. Then add them to a glass of water and drink this 3 times per day. This is very effective way to stop dysentery.


A lot of people can attest to the effectiveness of drinking tea out of young mango leaves or powdered mango leaves in dissolving kidney stones, thus keeping at bay severe pain that is associated when passing large kidney stones. Other than that, mango leaves are also known to help dissolve gallbladder stones.


Consuming tea out of mango leaves is said to be very helpful for people with high stress levels. The same is true for those who are battling anxiety. You may also attain mind and body relaxation by adding fresh mango leaves to lukewarm bathwater, and then soaking in it for several minutes or until your stress or anxiety is gone.


Mango leaves are traditionally turned into ash and used for treating skin burns. The same medicinal benefit may be attained by washing affected areas of the body with tea out of mango leaves that’s cooled to room.


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Soak Pineapple Leaf In Hot Water And Drink To Get These Health Effects

win 40k and a night with me
Soak Pineapple Leaf In Hot Water And Drink To Get These Health Effects.


BENEFITS OF PINEAPPLE LEAVESPineapple leaves can do wonders to your health. Before you read through these benefits, get some Pineapple leaves and boil with water. Take the water to stay Fit and Healthy

win 40k and a night with me


Heal Waist Pains

win 40k and a night with me

Do you have Waist Pain and Inflammatory Pains, make tea from it. It wipes all pains in seconds, heals Ulcer and Cough too. It nourishes the body and it is better than poisoning your system with drugs that do endanger life and cause ulcer.

win 40k and a night with me

Heals Bleeding From Nose

win 40k and a night with me

For those who experience frequent bleeding from nose because of fatigue or stress, you can cure it by drinking boiled water pineapple leaves regularly. To make it a bit tastier, you can add some honey to it.

win 40k and a night with me

Drives Away Weakness

Pineapple leaves are also effective in curing weaknesses by providing energy and increasing blood circulation.

Boosts immunity

Pineapple leaves are also significant in boosting the immunity of our body by helping it fighting against disease causing microorganisms such as viruses, fungi, bacteria and so on.

Controls Diabetes

Pineapple, being rich in Fiber, is a great food for diabetics and intake of pineapple leaves results in improved blood sugar, insulin, and lipid levels.

It really good for Arthritis, both waist pain and general body pain.

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