Some Nigerian Actresses Who Died During Childbirth, Protect Our Women

There is no denying that maternal mortality is a little more painful than any other death especially when a baby is left. The baby gets to grow up without ever knowing its mom and without the love of its birth mom. This can affect the child in major or minor ways.

While some women have passed during childbirth, others have passed shortly after the birth of the child. Either way, a tender one loses its mother and it is never easy on the family just like every other death.

In this article, we bring you some Nollywood actresses who have passed on during childbirth or after childbirth. Some, you may know, others you may not know:

1. Moji Olaiya

Reports came through that Nollywood actress Moji died in Canada in May 2017 two months after the birth of her baby.

2. Modupe Oyekunle

Nollywood actress Modupe also died in the labour room in the process of giving birth to her 3rd child. She died in 2017 on April 4.

3. Chiamaka Glory De Freitas

Chiamaka was married to a Portuguese before her demise. She got married in 2016 and passed on during the delivery of her first child in March 2017. She died as a result of postnatal complications.

4. Olabisi Monsurat

Olabisi was a Lagos based movie producer also called Bisket. She passed on the 30th of March, 2019; ten days after welcoming her child. She died at age 47 after she was trying to conceive her 6th child.

5. Bisi Komolafe

Bisi also died in the year 2012 when she was conceiving her baby. She was an actress, film director, and producer. She died due to some complications during her pregnancy

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