Sorry, Marlians, See 5 Reasons Why Nobody Will Remember Naira Marley As A Music Legend

Sorry, Marlians, See 5 Reasons Why Nobody Will Remember Naira Marley As A Music Legend

Okay, so let’s go here. Finally found the time to put this piece together, and most notably the balls. I know I’m going to get a lot of sticks for this. I know that Marlians are going to come to me, and shred me. I know. I do know. But that has got to do somebody. Somebody had to stand up somewhere and call a spade what it is-a spade! First, let me just start by saying that I have nothing against Naira Marley. He’s a formidable entertainer. He offers a relatively fresh offering. He is taught. In a way, he’s first. My only concern with him is the originality of his material. The substance of his music gives me cause for concern, and I am sure I speak for thousands of others.

I’ve watched Naira creating frenzy every time he steps out on stage. Often the anticipation, the hysteria that erupts from the crowd, usually the teens, can be surprising. They just like crazy love this guy. Naira Marley, whose real name is Azeez Fashola, has become more of a demi-god that young people, who choose to be called Marlians, are now looking up to. They ‘re walking like him now, they ‘re dressing like him, wearing their pants without a belt, and they’re learning to smoke a lot of weeds like him (God help us!). To them, the greatest singer is Naira, a.k.a. Igbolabi, who they claim will go on to become a star and dust the legacies of some of Naija ‘s biggest music greats. Your Naira Marley will never hit that height, I am sorry to break your bubble guys. Not because I say so, but clearly because he lacks the credibility that must be stated in the same breath as any Naija music legend. Here are five reasons why he is not to be remembered as a star in rock.



1. The craze of Naira Marley is nothing short of a fad. And the last time I searched, all the fads would certainly die away, as always. We are still relegated to the traditional dust bin. So the craze at Naira is not going to be an exception. Some of the lewd moves of soapy dancing, all the obscene words in which his songs are intertwined, will hopefully quickly fade away. That is the natural order that all fads are taking. Because they often lack any sustainable substance that would allow them to stand the time test.

2. No artist acquires legendary status through singing lewd and vulgar lyrics. Go back in time and check to see if there has ever been an artist who is remembered as a great musician today because with gutter music he’s serenaded us. To be considered a great artist, you have to deliver quality sound, fantastic lyrics that may last and stay in our minds for the rest of our days, just as we remember Fela, Obey, Sunny Ade, Majek Fashek, Bob Marley, Tubaba, Psquare, and so on. Naira Marley is simply a master of obscene lyrics, not an evergreen music master.



3. Believe it or not, any Naija hip-hop artist whose songs children don’t openly embrace is only living on borrowed time. You can check out all the great names that now reign, including those that reigned in the past, such as Dizzy K. Falolas, Chris Okotie, Yvonne Maha, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, The Remedies, Psquare, Tubaba, New Boys, Davido, Wizkid, Kizz Daniel, Tiwa Savage, Olamide, etc. These are musicians who are all immensely loved by children who will sing their songs in every line. And their parents approved of this and they would even go out of their way to purchase the CDs to play with their children.

Now let’s be frank, how many parents of descent will encourage their children to sing the lyrics to the songs of Naira Marley? In reality, dancing to Naira songs is prohibited in some homes. You couldn’t even sing songs from him. Even street children are known to know the words for his albums. Let Naira not be fooled, undiscerning adults like Toke Makinwa and DJ Cuppy would never approve of their children to spit the garbage that comes from the Naira songs if they have one.

4. In the world of music, when you wear dreadlocks or smoke weed and constantly get into and out of police cells, you have had to be just one thing-a conscious artist. An Advocate for Liberty. A singer using conscious songs, powerful lyrics, to fight mass oppression and to confront dictatorial governments. That’s why legends of music like Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Peter Tosh, our own Majek Fashek, and the King of Afro Beat, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti because their music lives inside us. But what does Naira Marley do about his weed and dreadlocks? He goes into the studios, high as a kite, and gives us gutter music that is openly associated with only a few undiscerning adults and hundreds of misguided youths. Both the aforementioned music greats smoked cannabis for inspiration that could only carry them to the place where they could build some of the influential hit songs with soul-stirring messages we love listening to today, even decades after the singer is gone. But, abeg, tell me what are we going to remember about the songs of Naira Marley for? For obscenity?



5.Okay, I agree with the things going on in the country right now are pretty bad. We have cast our values and morals on the dogs. But celebrities and public figures still owe it to the younger ones to mentor them and serve as role models as well. Particularly these days all the youths are talking about is how to make illicit money quickly. That’s why many artists often mention Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga, and sometimes Davido ‘s dad, Adeleke in their songs so that the young people can draw inspiration from these successful millionaires. And who is using Mr. Marley as the performance parameter? Yahoo boys, He tells us proudly that they are friends of his. A couple of years from now when these young people (Marlians) grow up and mature they will realize that they should not have taken this fad as seriously as they did. They’ll wisely start to forget all the Naira gutter lyrics and all that it represented to them

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