Squeeze Bitter Leaf With 4 Seeds Of Bitter Kola To End These Problems

Squeeze Bitter Leaf With 4 Seeds Of Bitter Kola To End These Problems.

Bitter leaf and bitter kola are two of the most effective herbal drugs I’ve used so far. When combined, their effects is magical.

Bitter leaf and bitter kola medicine is particularly very effective for: diabetes, high blood sugar level, liver and kidney problems, Malaria and Typhoid and treatment of infections such as staphylococcus aureus infections, scabies, Vagina Discharge, itchy skin etc

To prepare this medicine :

Get a hand full of bitter leaf and squeeze the juice out into a bowl

Then add about 1 Litre of water to the juice

Then grind 3 Seeds Of Bitter Kola and add to the bitter leaf juice

Add 3 Spoons of honey as sweetening agent.

Please don’t ever use sugar for this medicine

Store it in a very clean bottle to avoid spoilage or contamination



Take I little cup morning and night before you sleep and see the wonders this medicine will work for you.

This medicine is equally very effective for treating stomach pain.



Other health issues this medicine can handle are

Please ensure you follow madam tessy for more health tips. Thank you.


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