Squeeze Bitter Leaf With A Pinch Of Salt And 3 Spoons Of Sprite To Get These Effects

Squeeze Bitter Leaf With A Pinch Of Salt And 3 Spoons Of Sprite To Get These Effects.

Everyone seems to know and use bitter leaf. It grows everywhere. The bitter leaf, vernonia amydalina, is a very homey plant. Wherever it grows, it flourishes with its Evergreen leaves.


The Igbos call it ‘Onugbu’ The Yoruba call it ‘Ewuro’. The Hausas call it ‘Shiwaka’ . Perhaps the most distinctive part of the bitter leaf plant is its bitterness.

Bitter leaf, is a sacred plant. Therefore, respect it and pray over the plant before you use it.

I usually advice my patients with dibetes and pile to take a glass of bitterleaf water once daily and watch the effect on thier health.

Before we go on please note that squeezing fresh bitter to make the juice is far more effective than any other methods of taking it.

Squeezing bitterleaf, to bring out the liquid, is a better method of taking it, though it is bitter and may be difficult to take due to its taste, but once you have come to understand the health benefit of the leaf, you will always want to take it.

Here are the benefits of what you’ll get drinking fresh bitterleaf water.

First of all bitterleaf is the best natural cleanser for your stomach, kidney and liver it wipes out alot of germs from this part of the body which as we know is very important for life.


Chew the tender stem of the plant like a chewing stick and swallow the bitterness. This is a well known remedy for STOMACH Pain. In some cases the ache stops within a few minutes. An alternative is to pound the fresh leaves in a mortar and press out the juice. Add a pinch of salt to three tablespoons of the undiluted juice and drink. This brings immediate relief.


For skin infections such as ring worm, itching, rashes and eczema, the pure undiluted extract of bitter leaf is excellent. Simply apply it to the affected part daily.

it also clears worm from the stomach in a fast and effective way


Diabetics should listen carefully to this good news. They do not need to despair or lose hope. God has not abandoned them. God has given them bitter leaf as a sign of God’s love and care. From time immemorial, herbalists have been using the bitter leaf plant for the treatment of diabetes. Bitter leaf not only reduces the sugar-level drastically, it also helps to repair the pancreas. Squeeze ten handfuls of fresh leaves in ten litres of water and take two glasses thrice daily for one month, this amounts to six glasses daily.


Do you often feel weak and tired? Do you lack vitality and vigour? Then take a cup of bitter leaf.

Squeeze the leaves in water and take a glass thrice daily. Soon you will experience a new lease of energy


Prostrate cancer is common among menover forty years old. It sysmptom is difficult and painful urination, among others. Bitter leaf is very good for this ailment. It increases the flow of urine and reduces the pain, as well as regulates the spread of the cell. Simply squeeze the fresh leave in water and take a glassful four times daily. Don’t be surprised if you begin to urinate very frequently when you take the bitter leaf extract. It’s part of the cleansing and healing process that your body needs.

4. Good for bones and teeth and also to manage high blood pressure.

Thanks. I hope this finds you well and is very effective for you. Because many people I’ve prescribed it for always come back with testimony.

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