Stop Beating Your Child: See 10 Parenting Tips On How To Deal With A Naughty Child

Stop Beating Your Child: See 10 Parenting Tips On How To Deal With A Naughty Child


I out world of today beating a child is a very bad idea. Today Olanews40 have listed out some parenting tips that will help you deal with a naughty child


1: Always provide consequences for their bad behavior : Tell them what may likely happen if they continued behaving that way, tell them the negative impact of their misconduct.




2: Let your child learn from his or her mistake : how can you make your child learn from his or her mistakes, if for example your child breaks his toy on purpose don’t replace it, let that child learn how to take care of his things and how it feels to loose something important.


3: Use Timeout if necessary : Allow the child to think of the bad he has done, just leave only him/her inside and give them a quite time.






4: Take away his game or anything that makes him happy : Seize his game,or toys immediately after the offense that will make him calm down.




5: Avoid Physical punishment : Stop beating your child its against the law. In most country beating of child is not allowed, flogging your child may only make the child more stubborn.






6: Stop giving them access to your phone : No matter the age




7: Don’t use abusive word on the child instead cuddle him tell him of his misconduct.





8: Act immediately you see that child misbehaving,no matter the age. Most parents do feel they are still little they dont know anything. Remember A stitch in time save nine.




9: Never allow the to feel they are always right.




10:Always praise your child when they have done something good it makes them do more they love being praise mostly the young ones.

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