Stop begging to date girls, do these things and girls will start rushing to date you

Stop begging to date girls, do these things and girls will start rushing to date you

I feel bad when I see men crying or feeling sad after a lady disappointed or turned them down. Sometimes, it is their fault. Before you approach a lady for relationship, you need to first understand how it works. You must find out what girls want and what you want. You must be ready for relationship before thinking of asking out a girl.



Some men think that the only thing women want from them is money. That is absolutely not true. No one hate money. How you presented yourself before a lady matters a lot. If you come to a lady bragging about what you have and what you don’t have, the lady might see it as an opportunity to suck you dry. Don’t make such a mistake.



If you can’t respect yourself, you will continue begging girls for a relationship. I’m not bragging, but I must tell you this, I have never begged a girl for relationship in my life before. Never! I keep on turning down proposals from girls. It is not because I am handsome, of course you can relate to my profile picture above. I am a very gentleman. I value my respect more than any other thing. The kind of young man I am is the type that don’t bother or worry over anything. I believe that what is gotten through begging will require begging to maintain or keep.


My reputation is my number one priority. It is what defines a man, not the size of your pocket. You need to principle yourself and your mind. Don’t go for any girl you see. Day by day, more beautiful girls tend to appear. If you don’t have self control, you might become stupid by trying to date all of them.


Train your mind and body to stick to what is necessary and not to what you see. If you don’t know what to do when you see a beautiful girl, just look away. These are what to do to have girls rushing to date you.


1. Look good.


Cleanness is very important in a man’s life. If you always appear neat, you have more chances of attracting right thinking ladies to yourself. It works like magic. Always keep your mouth clean by brushing day and night. Trim your hair to what suits you. Watch your cloth with good soap or detergent. Get a nice smelling perfume. Don’t forget to always ion your cloths if necessary.




2. Smile.


Ladies like guys who smile. They believe that such guys will always make them happy. This is where neatness comes in. If your teeth are not clean, or if you have mouth odour, you will be embarrassed if you open your mouth. Keep your teeth and mouth clean and smile incessantly.




3. Be jovial.

You need to be jovial, though assertive. Don’t turn to a mad man trying to impress a lady. Be principled but not mean. Ladies hate guys who usually appear mean. They believe that such a man will likely be boring and would be beating his wife or girlfriend at home.



4. Make money.


Money is not a prerequisite to getting a girlfriend, but it is necessary to maintain a relationship. You don’t have to make millions before getting a girlfriend. But you must have something doing. You have to prove to the lady that you can take care of her. If you cannot take good care of yourself, don’t ask out a girl, she might embarrass you. Of course, you don’t want that.



If you can do all these, forget it, girls will start rushing to date you.


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