Stop Saying I Saw Your Missed Calls, It’s Incorrect- See The Correct Word And 21 Others

Stop Saying I Saw Your Missed Calls, It’s Incorrect- See The Correct Word And 21 Others


Learning English language is like gaining knowledge of the way to swim or how to journey a bicycle, however in contrast to swimming, gaining knowledge of a language tales place everywhere within the world. This is why studying the simple rules of English will become imperative.






You can not write or speak well in English language in case you do no longer take note of simple corrections in English language. Not only paying attention, also, taking the vital corrections required.


Below are a number of the grammatical errors in English that we talk everyday. Please endeavour to take corrections and apply it on your each day spoken English.


1: Don’t say name it— call it


2: Don’t say Ear piece— Ear Phone


3: Don’t say Escape goat—A scape goat


4: Don’t say I even have ten sheeps— I even have ten sheep






5:Don’t say Mother-in-laws — Mothers-in-law


6:Don’t say Plate number— Number plate


7: Don’t say Open teeth–Gap tooth




8: Don’t say K-leg— Knock


9: Don’t say Down Nepa — Power Outage


10: Don’t say Up Nepa -Power has been restored




11 Don’t say I actually have two trousers —I actually have two pairs of trousers.


12: Don’t say One of the boy is here—One of the lads is here



13: Where you brush your teeth inside the lavatory is known as Brushing tub and no longer sink.


14: Don’t say Drinking water—Drinkable water



15: Don’t say Driving licence—Driver’s licence






16: Don’t say I like watching movies—-I like seeing movies


17: Don’t say Keke Napep–Tricycle


18: Don’t say I even have a shoe—-I have a couple of shoes


19: Don’t say Commissioner’s quarter—Commissioner’s quarters


20: Don’t say I became bitten via rain—I changed into drenched




21: Don’t say I saw your missed calls —- I missed your calls.




Ways you can enhance to your spoken English:


1) Read educative books like novels.


2) Always take note of news.


3) Aways jot down new words and look them up in the dictionary.


4) You ought to download dictionary for your smartphone for easy access.


5) Make sure to learn new words every day.




6) Learn how to role your verbs in a sentence


7) Cultivate the dependency of looking educative programmes to your TV set. Like Quiz competitions.


With all these, your written and spoken English will definitely improve in no small measure.


Ask your questions, I will be there to answer you inside the comment section. Thanks


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