Stop taking excess of these 3 drugs, they can make you DEAF

Stop taking excess of these 3 drugs, they can make you DEAF

Health and wealth I’m going to write something about today.

I will highlight three drugs in this article today that will hurt your hearing and make you probably go deaf. if you take them in excess


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The ear is a crucial part of our bodies; it is the ear organ. If you lose your hearing power, you become immediately deaf. You can not hear yourself speak as plainly as you can while you can’t hear what others do. You speak in your own ears, just as you speak, Unpleasant right.



It is really simple to see that these drugs kill eardrums. But I’m not going to bore too many of the physiological processes. I am just going to try and explain it in very simple terms. Please keep an eye on it.

These are the three ( 3) medications that can harm and make you sordid.




These medications are antibiotics known as AMINOGLYCOSIDS. It is used to treat various types of infections, particularly streptococcal infections, staphylococcal infections, etc.



Aspirin and NSAIDs can also induce hearing loss (like ibuprofen, diclofenac). However, the amount of listening loss is much lower than

This is the real deal:

These drugs can cause hearing loss through:

1. Side effects: they can cause hearing loss at the ordinary dose. Therefore, a doctor or pharmacist should be taken with your medication for individualized care. Effects on the side:



Please do not go to a drug store and inquire about these medications without first ensuring that the body will not be affected negatively.

2. Effect of overdose or inappropriate intake.

You should be conscious that, for example, medications are not the most common ways of doing things:

1. If you miss a dosage of your medication, it is unethical to take extra doses to compensate for your missing dose. You are also subject to serious health damage because of overdose.



2. Secondly, you do not need to increase the drug dose if you see that the normal dosage of this medication does not work for you. It is also mistaken and dangerous.

These habits can contribute to overconsumption of medicines that can damage the ears and cause hearing loss.

How do you hurt your ears or cause hearing loss?

When you take these drugs, they enter the ear cavity and wreck vital buildings like the cochlear, the lobby, and semi-circular conduits.


And because the ear is a very sensitive organ, there can be very little damage to the hearing.

Please note: before complete hearing loss, you will experience tinnitus which is not produced by an external environment. You can hear a pinching long sound in the ears If you hear this sound, please see the doctor as quickly as possible.



In addition, these three drugs are commonly recognized as nephrotoxicity (gentamycin, neomycin, and streptomycin). Both of them cause damage to the kidneys.

Therefore please avoid the use of these drugs to avoid overdosing them.

Inform your doctor if they are no longer suitable for you to find an alternative.

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