Stop these 5 Errors in Salat, they can render your Salat invalid

Stop these 5 Errors in Salat, they can render your Salat invalid

Islam is mounted over 5 pillars which Salat happens to be the second of them and a very important part.

It is also the first thing to be accounted for on the day of Judgement. If it is perfect then other works will be perfect too BUT if defect, it may be somehow hard for such person.

Hence there is need for us as Muslims to always look for a way to perfect it.

There are many Errors and Mistakes people make on Salat that make it defect and Sub-standard.

Below are some of the Errors which we must correct

1. Preceding Imaam in our actions

The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “The imam has only been appointed to be followed, so when he says takbeer then say takbeer, and do not say takbeer until after he has said takbeer; and when he bows then bow, and do not bow until after he has bowed; … and when he prostrates then prostrate, and do not prostrate until he has prostrated…”

2.Saying “Aamin” before Imam finish reciting Suuratu-l-Faatihah.

This is also falls under the Hadith above that we should always follow Imam in all our action. The correct thing is to wait for Imam to start saying Amin and then join him in saying it.

Abu Hurairah narrated that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “When the reciter says Ameen, then say Amin, for the angels say Ameen, and if a person’s Ameen coincides with the Ameen of the angels, his previous sins will be forgiven.” (Sahih)

3.Praying with no Tranquility.

Many of us fall in this category because of the worldly things, we want to quickly pray and go back to our various work and that makes us pray like someone they are pursuing with gun. This act is so bad, May Almighty Allaah forgive all of us.

4.Not Prostrating with the required parts of the body.

There are seven parts of our body that are required to make a prostration in Salat.

These are:

-Face (Forehead and Nose) (1)

-The two Palms (2)

-The two Kneels (2)

-Toes of the two Legs facing the Qiblah (2)

All of these must touch ground while in prostration otherwise is wrong.

5.Going back to Second Prostration immediately after rising from the first.

The sitting between the two prostrations is not just there to relax, it is also part of the Salat and it has its own actions and words of prayer that should be said there. We are to sit, relax and recite prayers.

The prescribed prayers are:

1.Saying “Rabig’firilee (3X)




3. Wah’deenee

4. Waj’bur’nee

5. Wa’aafinee

6. War’zuqnee

7. War’fa’anee.

May Almighty ALLAAH accept all our Ibaadaat.

Let us use this time to send blessings to the one who ALLAAH has sent to come and guide us.

صلوا على النبي المصطفى

Salluu ‘Alaa Nabiyyi l Mustapha.

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