Stop using these 4 things to cook your food, they not good for your health

Stop using these 4 things to cook your food, they not good for your health

Health is wealth, and it is important for you to always pay apt attention to what you allow into your system as food.

Acting carefree about what you eat or what you use to cook your food is very risky, because some ingredients (which I will highlight in this article) are unhealthy, dangerous and can damage your health when you keep consuming them over time.

Information is power and many persons don’t know this, so please don’t hesitate to share this post to everyone on your contact list, you never know which life you might be saving.

That said, let’s get started:

If you use these ingredients to bake or cook your foods, please stop it, because it is not good for your health and it can eventually damage your health.

Here are the four (4) things:

1. Paracetamol

2. Potash

3. Baking soda (especially for bakers). Advice: if you cannot avoid using baking soda, please use very little quantity per time.

4. Alum

I will explain the rationale of how these ingredients destroy your health as we go on.

The truth is that, there are no short cuts in life. If we must remain safe and in good health, then we must always follow due process and do the right things. We only have one life, Don’t do things that you will regret in the future.

Now to the real deal:

Most persons use paracetamol as meat and ponmo as tenderizers (used to soften their meat quickly), either to safe their cooking fuel or to make their the meat ready on time. The major culprits of this act are public food sellers/restaurants. This is wrong and very dangerous.

Also, using alum, baking soda and potash to either soften your beans, bake your cake, or cook any other food is also very risky, and can destroy your health.

This is so because, under heat (high temperatures used for cooking) paracetamol, potash, alum, and baking soda produces a very toxic chemical that is very harmful to your health and can even lead to death if it is used continuously over time.

More so, since very high amount of these ingredients (paracetamol, baking soda, alum and potash) are needed to soften your beans or meats and ponmo, this means that you’re exposing yourself to high risks and adverse drug reactions associated with overdose.

High amount of paracetamol causes serious liver damage, which leads to accumulation of deadly toxins in your body, which have the potential of causing terminal conditions like systemic jaundice, and anaphylactic shock which can kill you.

So please, if you’re among the class of individuals that use any of this ingredient to cook, or if you run a restaurant and you use any of these ingredients to cook for people to eat, please desist from doing so, because you putting people’s life in danger.

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