Tell No One Any Of These 7 Things Until You Are Done With Them

Tell No One Any Of These 7 Things Until You Are Done With Them

Nowadays, many are fond of showing off their lifestyle online. The internet is a wide place and not everyone in there are positive. No matter how good you are, everyone can’t like you. That’s life, we just have to accept it that way.

Some are too quick to share whatever is going on in their life on social media which is very bad. You are about to go to Abuja, you post it online. You’re about to go for business trip, you post it on social media. That’s not how it should be, not everyone has good intention about you. So try to live a private life and keep your head safe.



In this article, we going to express more of thing’s you don’t have to tell anyone till you accomplish your mission.

1. Never disclose when you are getting married to anyone until you’re you absolutely sure of that particular day. Kindly resist the urge when you’re around friends as not to mistakenly open up to them when the date isn’t confirm yet. We always pray for good but anything could happen as well. In a situation whereby something unexpected showed up and you’ve already tell people you will be getting married to this person when you haven’t even print invitation card and you both end up braking up.

2. Don’t mention to anyone when you just get pregnant as a lady. Doing such is risky and totally wrong. This is something you’re supposed to keep away from outsiders. No matter how, one can’t hide pregnancy. When the time is right, they’ll all see it.

3. Stop the habit of posting in social media saying you just got promoted, let people find out.

4. Don’t tell people when you’ll be traveling out of the country or when you’re building your own house. Kindly complete whatever you’re up to and people will find out when you’re done.

5. Don’t made it known to friends or some individuals about how much you make or earn either weekly or monthly. Kindly resist the urge whenever you feel like doing so.

6. Never tell someone you can’t live without them. Especially in your relationship because someone who truly loves you would stay no matter the circumstances.

7. Never tell a friend or group of people when you sleep with a girl. Some are fond of this habit and it’s totally wrong. What you had together should be between both of you, mouthing off to outsiders is unnecessary.

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