The Car Has Sitting Room, Swimming Pool, and a Helicopter Landing pad, If It Crash What Will Happen

The Car Has Sitting Room, Swimming Pool, and a Helicopter Landing pad, If It Crash What Will Happen

It is surely everyone’s dream to have a luxurious car in which they can roam around with the family. Well! Everyone wants to buy the world’s best car, but at the same time, this desire requires a lot of money that everybody does not have.

The geniuses in automotive engineering have given us cars with awesome features like flight, driving it and massaging a passenger. Now, how about a car long enough to equipped facilities that will make you feel like you are sitting inside a lavish five-star hotel.

Ever imagined riding in that kind of vehicle? Today, I am going to tell you a few interesting facts about this car, as well as show you what it looks like



The car is called “American Dream Limousine” It was designed by California custom car guru Jay Ohrberg, in Burbank, California, U.S.A. back in 1986, majorly for displays or for movies. When it comes to the interior of the Limousine car you’ll be amaze to know the car has a sitting room, a swimming pool with a diving board, a helicopter landing pad, a water bed, mini kitchen and a bunch of luxury comfort for its passengers. All these was built on a 26 wheel and tires, as It measures at a stunning 100 feet long, which earned it the title of being the longest car, certified by Guinness World Records.



The car has two separate drivers and two engines, the one at the back is used to control and navigate the rear wheels as reversing or turning the car. Making the car to be driven as a regular rigid vehicle or set it to bend in the middle. But i doubt if it is easy to drive this car.

Looking at the photos you can see there’s a helicopter parked on the car’s boot area and a swimming pool is built at the back side of the car. There is also a water bed to comfort the passengers in the car.















The Interior Photos of the Limousine Car









Credit: Motortrend, Naijaauto and Pinterest

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