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The crocodile cake he ordered vs the monster he got

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Gospel Artiste, Gozie Okeke knocked down by speeding Vehicle, Legs damaged [PHOTOS]

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Gospel Artiste, Gozie Okeke knocked down by speeding Vehicle, Legs damaged [PHOTOS]

Popular Gospel Artiste, Gozie Okeke has narrowly escaped death after getting knocked down by a speeding vehicle.

POLITICS NIGERIA gathered that Okeke was knocked down by a speeding vehicle in Onitsha on August 27th.

According to him, he had gone to a mechanic workshop to pay for a service and on getting there, he parked his vehicle and immediately he got down a speeding vehicle came from behind and hit.

Both of his legs were damaged and is currently confined to a wheel chair.

Below is video footage of the popular musician giving a testimony on the matter;

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Ladies, never let your man go if he has these 10 Qualities or another lady will enjoy him

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Ladies, never let your man go if he has these 10 Qualities or another lady will enjoy him

It is the desire of evey ladies to have a man who will love her, take care of her and shower her with love all her life, but the inability and lack of patience of some of these ladies, has made them to took the wrong decision.

Ladies, never let your man go if he has these below qualities.

1. A man who is not selfish.

A man who is not selfish will always ask for your opinion before he do anything. Even if he knows what to do, he will still come to you and ask for your opinion. If you have such guy, please don’t let him go no matter what.

2. A man who respects you.

A man who respect you will not only love you because of your beauty, or other conditions. He will understand that you also have your own goals, your own live to life, he won’t use his plans to spoil yours and he will never force you to do anything. Don’t turn a blind eye to this, he really worth you.

3. A man who protect you.



A man who truly loves you will never let you down no matter what. Even if you’re the one at fault, he still protect you and make sure you no one hint on you.

4. A man who is open and honest.

Without trust in a relationship, such relationship will collapse suddenly. If a guy is open and honesty to you, never let him go. If he is the type that gives you the access to his phones, he tells you about his whereabouts, he doesn’t hide anything from, don’t leave him. These days, it is hard to find a guy that is open like this to his woman.

5. A man who will always stand by you.



A guy who really loves you will always be there for you. Even in the bad times, he will never leave your side. When you fall, he help you to stand on your feet again. This kind of guy needs to be given a chance in your life.

6. A man who listen to you.



If you have a guy like this, don’t let him go. Guys hardly listen to ladies, and if you find yourself one, don’t leave him. When you tell him to change, he does, when you tell him to change his bad behaviour, he did, it’s a sign he really loves and he will do anything for you.

7. A man who confesses his love to you in public.

When a guy introduce you to his friends, family and people around him, it means his love you is real. But if he is telling you to keep the relationship private, he doesn’t love you as he claim, avoid such guys. A guy who loves you will show you love, kiss you and embrace you in public.

8. A man who will always make you smile.



A man who truly loves you will never make you feel sad, he will never do anything to make you hurt. He will be after your happiness and smile. He will always tell you to smile.

9. A man who always appreciate and tell you that you’re like no others.

A man who doesn’t compare you to other women, who appreciate you, tells you’re pretty, deserve you. He will make you feel loved, and make sure he stays with you no matter what.

10. He will protect you from his friend’s rejection.

Despite his friends won’t support you guys, he won’t back up and give up on you. Such a man really deserve you, don’t let go.

A man who love you will see one reason to hang on even if he sees a hundred reason to leave. Don’t use your husband as boyfriend. Don’t be the cause of your own future regrets.

If you have any reservation, questions and comments, do well to use the comment box.

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5 Things Only Rich People Do Which The Poor People Do The Opposite

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5 Things Only Rich People Do Which The Poor People Do The Opposite

Today we bring to you an article on the five things only the rich people do that the poor people do opposite.


Here are the things: 

1. The Rich Takes Action – The Poor Plans To Take ActionΒ . It is an established fact that when a poor man sees an opportunity that will give him money he will continue to plan on how to get all the profit, on the process of preparing the rich will get the information and swim into action immediately and start making profit.



2. Another point that is worthy of note is ,If Mr. Rich gets an opportunity where he can make 1 dollar daily, he doesn’t keep it to himself, he searches for another 10 hardworking men to join him, offering each of them 50 cents daily. But Mr. Poor cannot do that,he would rather keep the secret to himself.

But Through this, Mr. Rich ends up making 5 dollars daily while Mr. Poor keeps getting his $1 per day.





3. Meanwhile, the poor man acts differently. He doesn’t borrow to make more money, he only borrows to get out of debts.Β That way, he remains in his poverty, year in and year out.

4. The Rich Man Invests – The Poor Man SavesΒ ,when you save your money it only depreciates over time, but when you invest the money, it will be actively generating profit no matter how little and the most important fact remains that the value will remain in the positive directions.



5. The Rich Buys Assets – The Poor Buys Liabilities

An asset is a property that directly or indirectly fetches you income. A liability is a property that does not fetch you any income rather it takes away your hard-earned income.Β So be wise today when you buy the next time or property in your home, do not buy because others are buying put buy that things that would add value to your life, and not taking away from you.



For example, give Mr. Rich and Mr. Poor 500k each and see how they will spend it. Mr. Rich will rent a shop and start-up a profitable business, while Mr. Poor would buy brand new furniture and electronics for his apartment. And that is how his poverty will remain with him, and he will be wondering. Making money is not a rocket science, it you make a way for money it will keep on coming.

What is your take on this? We would love to hear from you, as your opinion is very much important to us.

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