The first real mermaid girl in the world who was born with a ‘tail

The first real mermaid girl in the world who was born with a ‘tail’



The story of the mermaid is believed to have been read by everyone. They have a human upper body and a tail covered with fish scales. Their faces are extremely beautiful, and their singing voices are often bewildering. But the ending of the mermaid in the fairy tale is not good. She fell in love with the human prince, exchanged with the witch, turned the fish tail into a leg, and became a dumb herself. The next morning turned into a bubble.



Although mermaids have never been found in real life, but people are happy to find mermaids, there are often news of mermaids being found around the world, but they are just rumors. Is there a real mermaid? This problem has always puzzled people all over the world.

In August 1999, a young girl named Hilo was born in Maine, USA. She has a pair of fishtail-like legs from birth. Medically this is called mermaid syndrome, which is a congenital lower limb deformity. There is only one case of 60,000 to 80,000 people in the world, and their life won’t last a few days.



Everyone was worried about the little girl who was just born. As a result, Hilo successfully passed the dangerous period of those days. People called her a medical miracle. As for the cause, doctors are more inclined to genetic defects. Children with mermaid syndrome need to undergo lower limb dissection at the age of two, and Hilo is no exception.



But Hilo had no lower limbs, genitals, and bladder from birth. Coupled with the intricate blood vessels of the lower body, doctors could not perform a lower limb separation operation on Hilo, and Hilo grew up like this. Since Hilo had performed hundreds of operations since he was a child, Hilo began to gain weight and puffiness all over his body.

Hilo cannot walk like a normal person. She can only rely on a wheelchair and two hands to walk, and learns to dress, take a bath, and take care of herself. Hilo is a cheerful and optimistic child. Like other little girls, she likes to wear skirts, pink clothes, and play house. She wants to show the world that I’m just an ordinary little girl, nothing special.



She asked her father to help her enroll in a swimming class. Only in the water, she did not have to rely on a wheelchair and two hands to walk, and could make full use of her fish-tail-like legs to swim in the water. Hilo’s father supported her upper body. Hilo began to swing her legs. Only at this time did Hilo really look like a mermaid. She got life in the water and left the water like a human. Mermaid, every step is on the blade. People called her a “mermaid girl”, how mysterious it sounded, and Hilo liked the title she was given.



The media has infinite curiosity about this little girl. Since she was born, she has become a new darling of the media. Not only is the media following her, but also thousands of ordinary people are paying attention to her every move. People are eager to know everything about this girl, her face, her lifestyle.



Hilo always smiled when facing the camera. She is very patient with the media and is willing to tell them what she wants to know. She never feels inferior about her legs being different from others. Instead, she likes to wear socks of various colors to her legs. In the video, Hilo is also a little girl who will be coquettish in her mother’s arms. Even though Hilo started growing up, her body still looked worrying.

Perhaps because she couldn’t walk freely, Hilo fell in love with the beautiful butterfly. She watched the colorful butterflies waving small wings and dancing in the air, as if she had become a butterfly, and got rid of the physical defects. Hilo’s parents strive to give her daughter a carefree life. They often take Hilo to play nearby and let her have a good childhood. Hilo’s favorite is taking pictures of her family while traveling. She wants to tell the world in this way that I have been in this world.



Hilo was unable to go to school. The two places she stayed most often were home and hospital. Although Hilo has physical defects, she still yearns for going to school like other children. She worked hard to get the qualifications for school. It’s easy for others, but Hilo works harder than others. In school, Hilo had a great time. There are storybooks and children of the same age. They can play and barbecue together.

In 2009, Hilo participated in an American talk show, Oprah, where she mentioned:

“I like the title that others have given me. Like everyone else, I have a lot of things to do. I want to be an actress, a princess, and try a lot of things.”

Hilo expressed her thoughts on the show, why not try? More people can understand the real thoughts of Hilo through the show and understand that she is no different from others.



However, God took away this strong little girl when Hilo was 10 years old, only one month after the show aired. Although Hilo was dead, she should have no regrets. Her parents love her and spend time with her. She wanted to go to school, and in the end she really went to school. People even gave her the beautiful nickname “Mermaid Girl”.

When she was alive, this girl didn’t complain or be unwilling. She faced life positively and told others with her smile that she would live cheerfully and optimistically even if life was hard. Like her, she never gives up her life, even when she was born by a doctor who asserted that she could not live for a few days.

The lifestyles and attitudes people learn about Hilo will remind them at all times, think about me when you ca n’t live, even if I did n’t give up, you have no reason to give up.



Hilo was buried in Pinewood Cemetery in West Kennebunk, where her sister, who was unfortunately killed in 1998, was buried. There are many butterflies engraved on Hilo’s tombstone. Not only because Hilo likes them, butterflies usually have beautiful meanings. Her parents hope that Hilo can fly freely and freely like butterflies in the next life.

Although 10 years of Hilo’s life was short, it left too many things for people. She taught people to look at issues optimistically and cheerfully, and taught them to be brave when facing difficulties. She thirsts for life more than most of us, and we have no reason to waste life and spend every day without meaning. Hilo didn’t stop wagging his tail, and we couldn’t stop moving forward. Life is meaningful only if you face it firmly.

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