The Painful Story Of Adaka Boro,The Niger Delta Activist

The Painful Story Of Adaka Boro,The Niger Delta Activist


If There Are Some People Who Had Foresights,If There Are People Who Saw Tomorrow,Major Adaka Boro Was Certainly One Of Them

A Young Adaka Boro

Isaac Adaka Boro Had Everything Going On Perfectly For Him,As An Undergraduate Of Chemistry In One Of The Most Prestigious University At The Time,University Of Nigeria Nsukka,Adaka Boro Also Had A Father That Could Have Sent Him Anywhere To Study,Prior To His Death,His Father Offered Him The Chance To Study Abroad,An Offer He Bluntly Turned Down,His Case Was Born Out Of Love For His People,He Felt The Niger Deltans Were Marginalised In The System Of Things

Exactly February 12th 1966,Adaka Boro Declared The Republic Of Niger Delta,By Doing So He Became The First Man To Officially Think Of Breaking Away From Nigeria,In His Speech,He Clearly Stressed Out That The People Of Niger Delta Were Being Oppressed,He Was Of The Opinion That The Region Deserves A Better Share Of The Oil Proceeds Since The Effects Of Oil Spillage Always Comes Back To Haunt Them

The Government Of Aguiyi Ironsi Is Not Having Any Of Such,Immediately Federal Troops Were Deployed To The Niger Delta Region To Combat Adaka Boro and His Boys Whose Numbers Stands Above 1000,Adaka Boro Fought Gallantly For Twelve Days Until He Succumbed To The Superior Fire Power Of The Federal Troops,Adaka Boro and Some His Men Were Caught,arrested and Taken Into Custody,Their Punishment Would Have Been Death Which Was The Penalty For Treason Back Then,But Aguiyi Ironsi Chose To Show Him and His Boys Mercy and They Were Imprisoned,Any Plan Aguiyi Ironsi Had For Adaka Boro Would Soon Be Squashed As He Lost His Life a Few Months Later


General Yakubu Gowon Assumed Power And Adaka Boro Was Still In Custody,On The Eve Of The Nigeria Biafra War,Yakubu Gowon Granted Adaka Boro Presidential Pardon,He Assured Adaka Boro That The Government Will Look Into The Niger Delta Cause If He Agrees To Fight On The Side Of The Federal Troops Against The Biafrans,To Further Buttress His Point,Adaka Boro Was Enlisted Into The Nigerian Army and Made a Major With Immediate Effect

Adaka Boro Waved To Cheering Crowd After Being Released By Gowon

Adaka Boro As a Major In The Nigerian Army.

The Move To Release Adaka Boro Was a Strategic One For General Yakubu Gowon,Since Adaka Boro Was Quite Familiar With The Niger Delta Region,He Was Immediately Drafted Into The 3rd Marine Commando Troops Where He Will Have To Work Alongside Adekunle Benjamin,Soon after,the War Was In Full Swing,Adaka Boro With His Over 1000 Soldiers And The Federal Troops Succeeded In Pushing The Biafran Soldiers Away From The Region,The Knowledge Of Major Adaka Boro Came To Foreplay as He Assumed Centre Stage


A Gallant Adaka Boro During The Civil War

Not Long After,The Biafrans Were Defeated,They Retreated From The Region And Victory Was Achieved,But In a Sudden Twist Of Fate,Adaka Boro Lost His Life,Exactly May 16th 1968,After The Area Have Been Conquered,Adaka Boro Was Ambushed And Killed By Supposedly Nigerian Soldiers Sent By Nobody But Major Benjamin Adekunle,The Same Soldier Who Was Fighting Side By Side With Adaka Boro Against The Biafrans All This While,He Was Killed In The Most Unimaginable Fashion,His Colleague Who Fought In His Side Clearly Stated That Adaka Boro Was Killed By The People He Fought For,Because The Sound Of The Trigger That Killed Him Belongs To The Federal Troops and Not The Biafrans

Major Adekunle Benjamin

Years Later Olusegun Obasanjo Would Release His Book and Stated In Clear Terms That Benjamin Adekunle Definitely Had a Hand In Adaka Boro’s Death,Whether Out Of Fear Of What Adaka Boro Might Turn Out To Be Or He Was Simply Following Orders Is What We Are Finding Difficult To Understand,True To Obasanjo’s Words,After The War,Adekunle Gold Received all The Plaudits and Adaka Boro Who Helped Him Was Sidelined,It was What He Wanted All Along,His Band Of 1000 Soldiers Were Immediately Disbanded and Their Weapons Taken From Them,The Fight Was a Lost Cause

The Statue Of Major Adaka Boro In Present Day Rivers State

The People Of Niger Delta Did Not Forget Their Own,They Realised The Efforts Of Adaka Boro Who Just Happened To Be a Victim Of Circumstance,A Statue Has Since Been Erected In His Honour and Various Places Across His State Of Origin Have Been Named After Him

Oil Spillage In Niger Delta

The Plight Of The Niger Delta People Continues Till This Day,The Area Is Marginalised and The Farmlands Of Niger Deltans Continue To Suffer From Oil Spillage

Adaka Boro Can Rightly Be Described as The Man Who Saw Tomorrow

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One Thought to “The Painful Story Of Adaka Boro,The Niger Delta Activist

  1. Prince a

    Upon this glaring fact, the people of niger delta are still accusing the Igbos of being responsible for the death of isaac boro.
    Selfishness is the most deadly weapon that destroy self. For goodness sake can someone tell why isaac will accept the deception of the north to fight against his igbo brothers upon the fact that he committed treason which could have resulted to his execution by the government of Aguyi Ironsi,yet he was spared nevertheless he went ahead to collaborate with his enemies who are against his agenda for niger delta, never knowing that he was heading towards the end of the road
    Ohhh what a foolish man whose end is like that of prophet balaam who desire to diet the dead of a righteous man, but ended up like a fool.

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