There Parents Won’t Like What They Were Caught Doing On The Road, Am Sure Of It

There Parents Won’t Like What They Were Caught Doing On The Road, Am Sure Of It



The movement and quest to achieving fame and public attention has now become a norm and a craze among many Nigerian youths. You will quite agree with me that many of these recent practices among many Nigerian youths are purely not accustomed to the African values and practices. The legacy of our fathers and values are gradually being eroding in the mud.


Talking about practices that are considered non-African, below is a screenshot gotten from a viral footage that has left many people taking. The video openly reveals a young man with his alleged girlfriend who were spotted doing romantic exercises and practices even in public. The most shocking part that has provoked the reactions of many Nigerians is the high level of disregard for their self-respect and privacy in which they were shamelessly spotted cuddling and romancing themselves in the public road side.

Though this act is not new to us but it is very much weird to see people most especially Africans in such manner on the highway. According to some social media users, they claimed that the video was made to cover a movie scene while others assert that it was made for a comedy skit, but whatever the video was made for, I still believe it is inappropriate to be seen in the public in such a manner.


The video was shared by a popular Nigerian blog and website. With the caption “what’s going on here?”

Below are screenshots caption for the footage of the video and the comments and reactions it prompted.



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