These People are living in 2040, while the rest of us are in 2020

These People are living in 2040, while the rest of us are in 2020


These people have some how found a way to hack some of life’s difficult situations and it’s going to blow your mind. 

While we are in 2020 , these people are living in 2040.

See some of these life hacks that would crack you up.

1.Who needs camera man for newscasting, when you have your phone and a selfie stick



2.Who says you can’t operate your phone while getting that hair cut



3. New way to split screen for 2 players



4. Other kids are singing “rain rain go away” but this little guy has a Babybrella



5. Found a way to warm 2 meals at the same time in the microwave!!

A double decker Microwave



6. Oh! Now that makes sense. Cutting out holes in all your hats for your headphones? Give it few years form now and they will produce this



7. Man used spring at the end of his phone charger cord so they don’t cut off, A KING



8. Seems he no longer has tthe problem of plugging wrong plugs



9.Still finding it hard to fetch water from the sink, worry no more, try using your packer.



10. Wore his hoody backward, and pour popcorn while using his system



11. Little man used bananas as phone stander



12 Hide your wallet in a diaper when next you go to the beach, nobody steals a diaper



13. Washing plates is in the past now



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