These People Were Born With Both Male And Female Organs (Take A Look)

These People Were Born With Both Male And Female Organs (Take A Look)



Without being told, what are the chances of you believing that one could naturally pocess both male and female organs? . For many people , this would sound naturally impossible; while some would link it to spirituality. Whichever category you fall under, this article might be an eye-opener for you , on the concept of “Intersex“.

Rare cases of people having both male and female organs at birth are on record. The term used to classify to these special humans are “Hermaphrodite” or “Intersex” . Both words mean the same thing and would be used interchangeably in this article.

Biologically, a hermaphrodite would refer to either a human (or plant) with the features of two genders ( male and female ) of its species. If you are hoping to see one in your neighborhood, it is nearly impossible for two reasons; they are very rare and they most likely won’t tell (or show you) they are intersex due to the social stigma that might come with it. Some intersex people (even though having both male or female traits) would have a more visible trait of a particular gender – more physically visible than the other. In some cases, one organ is usually more developed than the other; hence making them choose to identify with one gender (of their choice).

When discovered in a child as early as child birth, they might undergo reconstructive surgery (under their parents’ approval) . However, it has been a common advice that parents should let their intersex children get to a certain age in order to decide on the surgery themselves.

Here Are Some Intersex People You Should Know

Hanne Gaby



– Hanna Gaby (Wikipedia)

Being a hermaphrodite didn’t stop her from being a supermodel for Vogue. She revealed she had the intersex condition at birth and going on to reveal that she had on pair of internal testes at the time of birth. According to her, both of them were surgically removed at age 10. Her potential male organs did not completely develop ; therefore leading her to have a female genital reconstructive surgery at 18. Currently, she pushes the advocacy against intersex Genital Mutilation, and also the advocacy for children having the chance to decide on the type of surgery they want for themselves.

Cherly Chase



Cherly Chase (Wikipedia)

The 64 year old is an American intersex activist and founder of the Intersex Society of North America. She however changed her name to Bo Laurent in 1995.

She was born in New Jersey with ambiguous genitals, leaving the doctors baffled. She was originally named Brian Sullivan and her hermaphrodite condition “has never been fully understood” – this is according to the New York Times. Other sources state her birth name was Charlie.

Chase was born with both male and female organs . After ovaries and a uterus were discovered in her, a clitoridectomy was performed to remove her larger female organ when she was just 18 months. As advised by doctors, her parents moved to a new town and raised her as a girl.

Lady Colin Campbell



– Lady Collin Campbell – Grazia Daily

Simply referred to as Lady C, the 70 year old British – Jamaican author at birth had fused female genitals. Although the doctors had assigned her “male” at birth and was given the name George by her parents, she started developing female features around her chest and hip region at age 13 . As a result of that, she was given male hormone injections. However at 21, she had a corrective surgery and began a life as a woman with the name ” Georgia” .

Lianne Chandler



Taylor Chandler – The Mirror, UK

As at 2014, Taylor Lianne Chandler revealed that she had an intersex condition at birth, but was assigned “male” by the doctors and was named “David Ritch” by her parents. Going further, she made it known that she spent the most part of her childhood having a natural feminine behavior . A corrective surgery was carried out later on .

Caster Semenya



Caster Semenya – Wikipedia

The famous African athlete was made to under go gender verification tests following speculations that she was intersex and partly due to her incredible performances at the IAAF World Championships of which the results confirmed her condition.

Thea Hillman



– Thea Hillman

She is an award-winning hermaphrodite writer known for her book Intersex: For Lack of a Better Word . She is also a poetry slam champion and the former Chair person of the North American intersex Society.

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– The Female First


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