These Photos Will Show You The Ugliness Of Girl Child Marriage & The Urgent Need To Stop The It

These Photos Will Show You The Ugliness Of Girl Child Marriage & The Urgent Need To Stop The It

Child marriage is simply that union between a child and an adults which could be formal or, informal.

And as result of gender inequality all over the world especially in the third world countries of, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Child marriage are mainly between a girl child who is often forced and an adult man. An adult is a person who has reached the legal age of, 18.

And unfortunately, the kind of girl child marriage we see are the disgusting types that shout peadophilia, whereby you see a man between 25-70 years and above marrying a girl between, 9-15.

I said this is peadophilia because a paedophile, is a person who is sexually attracted to children. And often times engages in rape of other forms of sexual misconduct with children.

Girl child marriage is a sign of gender inequality in our society, it violates the rights of the girl, it takes away her childhood, it destroys their future and it exposed them to stigmatizing health complications like, VVF.

Girl child marraige, is a historical problem which could be caused by various variables such as, religion, customs and traditions, illetracy, poverty, bride price, social pressure, inequality amongst others.

Child marriage especial, the girl child marriage is mostly prevalent in Asia, Africa and Latin America. With the highest cases recorded in Chad, Mali, Bangladesh, and so on.

By the picture you can tell the huge age difference. And the sadness on the girl’s face indicates that this was not the life she wanted.

The practice is so ugly that,a child who is yet to develop the physical features of a woman is forcefully and untimely initiated into womanhood and mother’s.

Data has shown that, an estimated 12 million girls are married off before they turn 18. Indeed girl child marriage is a problem with many faces, dimensions and consequences.

Nigeria is not spared from the menace of girl child marraige and at least, 44% of girls in Nigeria are married off before they turn 18 according to UNICEF.

If you ask me I’ll say this is child abuse

Girl child marriage has a lot of consequences not just for the girl but also for the society. One of such problems is that the girl may face sexual abuse, physical, emotional and phycological problems as well as health problems such as, VVF.

And when it comes to the society, girl child marraige equally has its consequences one of which is that, it undermines government development plans, increase in maternal and child mortality and population explosion.

Child marraige especially girl child marraige is a global pandemic that affects millions of girls and the ugly practice needs to be stopped sooner rather than later.

However, some there are some strategies the government can adopt in addition to the one she already has to reduce or possibly eradicated their problem. Such as;

Sex education, involvement of tradition and religious leaders, and sensitization programmes are all strategies that can be used to support government efforts.

Girl child marriage is an ugly phenomenon and should not be practiced, supported or covered up by anybody. Girls should be given a chance to become the next, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala And Amina.

Below are some more disturbing pictures showing the ugliness of girl child marraige and why it should be stopped.

The way this supposed husband is handling his child wife goes to show that he sees her as an object. And is probably marrying her for his gratification.

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