They Went To USA For Greener Pastures, Little Did Harris Know She’ll Be The First Female Vice President

They Went To USA For Greener Pastures, Little Did Harris Know She’ll Be The First Female Vice President

There is no doubt that every living being on earth has an assignment to fulfill in life and in destiny, not until this is achieved, they may not leave mother earth. Life is designed in such a way to fulfill one’s dream if not now, but later and that is what has played out in the life of United States first female Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris.

Young Kamala Harris came to the US with her Jamaican Father and Indian mother, along with her siblings in the early 1970s in search of greener pastures which the America dream represents. She must have been bullied by children of the whites while growing up due to her skin color, but in all she conquered. He family settled at Oakland, California after finding their way to the US and Kamala Harris started life is a small way as they hoped for a better children. Despite both parents being an immigrant, they did all they could to give their two daughters the best treat in life. Kamala Harris’ mother, Shyamala Gopalan who was a Biologist and a renowned scientist often took Harris Kamala and her sister to her lab in Berkeley so they would have experience on what life looks like in the world of science. Shyamala Gopalan who worked on the hormone, progesterone had two main goals in life as a scientist, which were to raise her two daughters and also end breast cancer.



Before one grows into an adult, one must pass through the developmental stage as a child. Kamala Harris’ mother gave birth to this baby while she was 25 years old with a college and PhD degree. She nursed her the way every woman who loves her child will do to see her grow into the great woman she wants her to be. Despite her mother’s academic work as a scientist, she had enough time for her and after her regular laboratory work, she feeds her child and spend time with her.



Her father who was a professor emeritus in Economics at Stanford University also gave little Kamala Harry attention while growing up as a child. He carries her as his pet and on several occasion, Harris’ father took her along on his way to a doctorate in Economics at Berkeley. The father was so confident that his daughter was going to become a great person in life so he ensured he played a major part in her drive for success.



Fast forward to when the two girls grew up a bit, their parents gave them the best treat and never complained of not having male children. Kamala Harris was the eldest of the two children and right from childhood, she has been showing her great leadership abilities as she was always around her younger sister to guide her through life and also make sure she is fine always.



While she was a teenager, Harris was fully sure of her bright future and from her Grace and Basic Education, she had this strong determination of studying Law despite her mother was a scientist and her father an Economist. Kamala Harris chose the career of her choice and her parents supported her to see her actualize her dream in life.



In 1989, Kamala Harris graduated from the University of California, Hastings College of Law which brought joy to her family that saw the potential to succeed and excel in her. Her first degree was just a stepping stone to greater heights as it did opened a lot of doors for her and got her global recognition.



She began her career as a Law Maker and later rose to the position of the Attorney General of California in 2010 and due to her outstanding performance and behavior devoid of any form of corruption, she was reelected four years later.



This lady who is so determined to actualize her dream went into politics after she left office as the Attorney General of California and in 2016, she was became the Second African-American woman to serve in the United States Senate.

As a Senator, Harris Kamala brought several issues before the House which was duly attended to. She was an articulated Senator who never failed to address issues pertaining the growth of the United States.



No wonder Joe Biden picked her as his running mate when he declared his intention to run for US presidency in 2020. The best decision one would say Joe Biden made, not only for the interest of Americans, but also for the interest of the black race so as to set a new world record. The major discuss was Biden-Harris after he picked her as most Americans saw it as a secured victory that will lead to a change of government from Republican to Democrat for the next four years.



The campaign for the 2020 US Presidential Election started in December 2019 and Kamala Harris was at the forefront of it from start to finish.





























And now history has been made, not just only for Biden who emerge victorious in the US presidential election after trying for years, but also for his running mate who has become the first woman and also the first African-American to be elected as the Vice President of the United States.







This indeed was what her parents saw in her years ago and they set the ball rolling for her by given her the best moral and academic background which saw her through the years up till her current level.

Indeed our parents have tried for us, they have helped us and assisted us in actualizing our dream and purpose in life and destiny.

Once again, Congratulations Joe Biden, President-Elect and Kamala Harris, Vice President-Elect of the United States.

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