Think Twice before You allow Your Children to Study These 10 Courses, Future Is Important 

Think Twice before You allow Your Children to Study These 10 Courses, Future Is Important




This is worst course you can study or Allow your brothers to study in the university. If you study botany, where do you want to work in Nigeria?

Cell Biology & Genetics:

Cell biology is not a course you can study in Nigeria because after your University Education. Your only options is to teach biology in the secondary school


How many zoological gathering do we have in Nigeria that you want to study zoology. Never go and waste your time to study Zoology at the University.


Even our mothers at home are doing buying and selling. So why going to university to study buying and selling.


If you study Educational course, just prepare your mind to Become a primary or Secondary school teacher. Look at some of your teachers that thought you in the secondary school, where are they?

Medical Laboratory Sciences:

If You study this course, you are competing with biochemists. Find a better course to do


In those days, if you are a lawyer in the society, people will value you but now we have so many lawyer in Nigeria. So studying law these day is like wasting your time


Medicine is a good course but very risky. For instance, look at some of the doctors that have died in the curse of fighting COVID-19. If you are going for Medicine, kindly prepare your mind towards that


It is very hard to Graduate with good grade if you study this course.

Political Science:

Some people that are not Political scientist have taken over in the Senate, house of Representatives, Governors etc. Even buhari is not a Political scientist

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